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How to Whiten Underarms Fast

Updated on August 6, 2010

The Underarm Whitening and Chemical Peel Kit is the fastest way to whiten underarms. By chemically peeling the outermost layer of skin, the whitening process occurs several days faster.

While there are a variety of methods to whiten underarms at home, they all work a little differently and if you need to whiten your dark underarms fast you've got a couple of options.  But before you go rushing into buying any old product, it's important to understand how each product works and what the dangers are in whitening underarms quickly.

There are certain concerns when it comes to lightening sensitive areas like the underarms.  Because these sensitive areas contain more nerve endings, they're more prone to allergic reactions and inflammation, so it's important to have specially formulated for the area that you're lightening.  One other thing to look out for when buying underarm whitening products is the active ingredient hydroquinone.  This chemical has been linked to liver and kidney problems as well as several types of cancer and has been banned in several countries.  No matter how bad or how fast you need to bleach your armpits, the long term health effects aren't worth it.

How to Whiten Underarms Fast

The fastest way to whiten underarms is to use an underarm whitening and peeling set.  These kits work by removing the outer layer of discolored skin with an abrasive chemical peel.  This cuts down on the work that the whitening agents have to do and makes the process much faster.  The kit also includes a bleaching cream that lightens the skin providing a more even tone to the skin under the arm.  This process, while being safe, requires a little bit of caution because you're chemically peeling the outer layer of skin.  The kit comes with a hydrocortisone cream to limit any soreness and inflammation.  To maintain the lighter underarm skin tone, a whitening deodorant containing Melawhite is included in the kit and will continue to your underarms looking good. 

Using the whitening and peeling kit will provide lighter looking armpits in just 7-10 days.  It's important to use this kit only once every 3 months to make sure not to damage the skin.  Also during and right after the peeling process you won't want to use any soap or deodorant.  If you do notice any problems after using the kit make sure to contact a doctor or dermatologist.


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