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How to Whiten Underarms at Home

Updated on May 30, 2010

Whether you are embarrassed by your dark armpits or would prefer the convenience of whitening your underarms at home, there are several safe products and underarm whitening treatments that you can use to whiten your underarms at home.  While these products and procedures are completely safe, there are a few things you'll want to know before choosing just any underarm treatment.  Below we'll talk about how to safely whiten underarms at home and give a brief rundown on some of the products you can use to do this.

There has been a lot of skin lightening products on the market for a long time now and there are a variety of products that do and don't work.  Then there's the problem of trying to lighten the skin tone of your armpits, which is a very sensitive area and can readily produce allergic reactions.  One of the biggest concerns when bleaching your underarms is the bleaching chemical(s) that are used. 

Hydroquinone is one of the oldest and most effective skin lighteners on the market and is used in many different products.  Hydroquinone has also been linked to chronic illnesses and medical conditions such as kidney and liver damage, and even some forms of cancer.  Many countries have banned the use of this chemical, but in the U.S. it's still available and is in some skin lightening creams and lotions.

Steering clear of hydroquinone, you'll also want to find a product that is specifically formulated for sensitive areas of skin.  These products will avoid harsh skin bleaching chemicals and use natural skin whiteners. 

One of the easiest options for whitening underarms at home is whitening deodorants.  These are usually roll-on deodorants that function as both an everyday deodorant as well as a skin lightener.  These deodorants are affordable and are easy to use.  Seeing as this is something you do everyday anyhow, it's an easy replacement.  The biggest drawback is it can take some time.

Another option that has had reports of working well is the use of a skin lightening soap.  These soaps have natural ingredients such as papaya and licorice extract that have been shown to even skin tone.  If used regularly, it can lighten the skin tone of the underarm.

A third, more comprehensive solution, is the use of a underarms whitening and peeling set.  This kit comes with a peeling oil that will chemically remove the very top, darkened layer of skin revealing the fresher and lighter skin.  This is combined with a bleaching cream that continues to lighten the armpits as well as a moisturizer to sooth the skin.  This will allow you to whiten underarms fast and will produce quick results.


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    • PattiHuang profile image

      PattiHuang 7 years ago

      You can read more about chemical peel kits here:

      Otherwise, a simple google search will give you an abundance to choose from.

    • profile image

      andrea 7 years ago

      where can we findthe chemical peel kit?

    • PattiHuang profile image

      PattiHuang 7 years ago

      You have a good point that shaving contributes to irritation and dark underarms. You can try waxing and depilatory creams but even those will cause irritation. A more complete solution is to use a chemical peel kit that will whiten the armpits for a longer period of time, but even that will need to be repeated after a while.

    • profile image

      Ashley 7 years ago

      That's right! Stay away from hydroquionone. As for whitening underarms, I heard/read that shaving it is a big no-no for it will only darken the underarms more.