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How to achieve the smoky eye makeup look.

Updated on March 24, 2013

Step by step guide.

1. First cover eyelids with eye shadow primer to ensure your smoky eyes last the entire day or night.

2. Using a black eyeliner pencil, draw a thick line above your eyelash line, making sure you go from corner to corner.

3. Smudge the line across and up your eyelid. You can do this by using a smudge eyeliner brush, a tissue, or simply just your finger!

4. once your outline is ready, begin to add black or dark brown eye shadow across your eyelid. I find it easier to use a little amount on a small brush and to circulate it smoothly. If you use a lot on a large brush, excess shadow can drop off, leaving you black smudges under the eye. Never a good look!

5. Using a different and larger eye shadow brush, apply a lighter grey or brown colour over the top section of the black, slowly blending the shadow, until you reach the defining section of your brow bone. Then blend into a nude/pale colour that finally reaches your eyebrow.

6. Apply eyeliner across your lower eye line, smudging to create a thick and defined line from corner to corner.

7. Next apply liquid eyeliner to your upper lash line and lead outwards to small flick. This will give the illusion of big wide eyes.

8. Finally apply mascara. The thicker the better! I tend to use a thin wanded mascara first to help separate and section the lashes, and then a much thicker one to volumise them.

Why choose the smoky look?

The smoky eye makeup look is genius! It can be outstanding, a statement look, but also toned down and used with lighter shades. It is serious and sexy, and defines the eyes like no other. I use this look every time I go on a night out. I've used it for years and I'd be lost without it!

My recommendations.

My personal recommendations include...

*No7 Beautifully Matte Shine Free Make up Base (For primer)

* Barry M Dazzle dust in Black (for a sparkly shadow)

*Maybelline master smoky (for eyeliner and smudger)

* Maybelline volume express colossal smoky mascara (for eyelashes)

What looks good with this look?

I find bronzed skin as apposed to a blusher, looks better and gels well with the smoky eye look.

Also, always wear a nude or very pale and very shiny lip gloss. It suits the look so well and ensures a beautiful final creation.


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