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How to be A Diva on A Budget

Updated on March 10, 2015

Shop Your Closet

New rule:

If you have not used something in your closet for 3 years then get rid of it.

Fashion repeats itself! You may own so many fabulous pieces that may have not been so fabulous last year. Take a good look at what you already own and see how you can add some accessories or how you can style it differently to make it look brand new!

Look For Awesome Deals On Tuesdays

Retailers have big discounts and bargains on Tuesday because it is the least busiest day for them.

Think about it? Who shops on Tuesdays? There is big sales because they are not generating much traffic. If you shop on the weekends you may think your getting a bargain, but really your paying top dollar! Not always, but most of the time. The great thing about shopping during the week is that there is no lines or crowds.

Try New Stores

Discount stores offer designer clothing!

Do not confine yourself to the stores you are used to going to. Do something different! It will not only be fun, but you will be pleasantly surprised. A lot of discount stores have to keep up, so they offer designer clothing for a fraction of the cost.

Drugstore Makeup

Drugstore makeup can be found in stores such as Big Lots, Dollar Tree, 99 Cents Only!

If you did not know, now you do! Brands such as Revlon,Physicians Formula, Milani, and Maybelline can be found for a fraction of the cost at these stores!


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