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How to buy Tommy Bahama at a discount, on sale, or outlet prices

Updated on October 13, 2011

Tommy Bahama is a brand that many love and love to wear. However, finding Tommy Bahama on sale, on clearance or for less is great. Learning how to buy first quality goods at a lower price can come in handy in this very tough economy.

Tommy Bahama has 10-plus clearance centers in outlet malls across the country. Unlike the majority of the outlet retailers, these goods are actually from the retail stores. Outlet stores, or factory stores as many retailers tend to call them, are stores that have a recognizable name on the door such as The Gap or Banana Republic, but the clothing and accessories found inside are not identical to the items found in the full retail stores at the local mall. The items are well made but may not have as many features or made of the same materials allowing the outlet stores to price lower than one would expect in the mall.

Tommy Bahama has taken a different approach. A full-retail (mall) customer who shops at a TB store may come to realize that the clothing (particularly in the men's area) are rarely if ever marked down. That is not to say that discounts cannot be found at the mall, but more likely than not, the clothing remains at the full retail price.

Once the clothing has been available at full retail pricing for several months, the company has retail clerks pack up the older merchandise and ship it to the clearance centers located in outlet malls across the country. The items are then discounted anywhere between 20 and 50 percent. It is not unusual to find discounts even higher than this either because the percentage goes up or the original retail price is lowered and additional discounts are given. These extra discounts can lead to items reaching 75 to 80 percent off the original retail.

Because the items come from a full retail store and the purpose of the clearance center is to liquidate stock, items are not replenished. Once an item has sold out, it can almost be assured that no others will be available. If a customer really likes a panel back shirt (one of the items that TB is known for), it is wiser to purchase it at full retail than wait for it to be sent to an outlet store. Many popular items never make it to the outlets, and those that do make it are often available in unpopular sizes and colors.

Also, TB has strict purchasing policies. All sales are final. They do not take returns or give money back. For those shoppers who do not want to try things on or are accustomed to bringing things back, TB outlet stores may not be a perfect place to shop. Purchasers do have 7 days to come back and exchange an item for another size or for the amount originally spent, but after 7 days, the item is a true final sale.

Because the number of outlet stores are limited, having an opportunity to shop at a TB store might be difficult. To compensate outlet stores will work with you over the phone and ship items you wish to purchase. The same purchasing policies apply even when the item is not purchased in store. The shipping costs are minimal.

Tommy Bahama Outlet Locations

 Tommy Bahama has outlets all over the country

  • Foley, Alabama
  • Camarillo California
  • San Diego, California Las Americas
  • Vacaville, California
  • St. Augustine, Florida
  • Sunrise, Florida Sawgrass Mills
  • Waipahu, Hawaii Wikele
  • Queenstown, Maryland
  • Primm, Nevada Las Vegas
  • Central Valley, New York Woodbury Common
  • Niagara Falls, New York
  • San Marcos, Texas
  • Park City, Utah
  • Williamsburg, Virginia


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    • profile image

      Jefferson Wery 

      8 years ago

      While in Maui, HI I went into a great store name HIM...a men's store. They had many Tommy Bahama and Tori Richard Items on sale for 50% off. We bought a few. We've been checking their website, to see what's new. We are going back to Maui soon, and we'll check them out again.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I have been to the Vacaville, California store. Great selection and awesome prices. A must stop if you like Tommy Bahama.


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