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10 useful tips for buying quality Clip In Hair Extensions

Updated on October 7, 2013

Clip in Hair extensions is a great starting point if you are new to extensions or would need a fast transformation for a special event.

Clip In hair extensions can instantly be inserted and removed in minutes without stylist assistance which enables a change to experiment before attaching advanced, long lasting extension methods. The main advantage is easy application and removal that the users can do all by themselves.

Clip in hair extensions come in sets of hair pieces in various sizes. For users with thin hair it is recommended to choose a lighter extension set (110 Grams) which normally would consist of 7 pieces. Users with thick hair should choose more heavy extension set (150 Grams) which will consist of 10 clip in pieces.

The amount of clip in pieces that the user can apply depends on the on natural hair quality. Wearing clip in extensions will add tension to the hair roots, so it is important not to add more extension clips and weight than what feels comfortable. Pain related to tension on the hair roots is a sign that the clip in extensions should be removed.

Use this 10 point checklist as a guide to find quality clip in hair extensions:

  1. The weft track should be strong and shed free. Shed free wefts will still normally shed a few strands when styling and brushing the hair. A good test is to run fingers through the hair. The hair should glide easily through and not shed a lot of hair.
  2. The clips should be in stainless steel. Stainless steel will not rust when the extensions are being washed.
  3. The clips should be in the same tone-in-tone color as the hair to ensure that they are invisible when wearing the extensions. The clips should have a small rubber band inside that prevent the clips from gliding out of the hair.
  4. The weft track should be thin and bend easily, still the density of hair should be high. The weft tracks should be double to ensure a thick extension. The seam line on the track should be straight and professionally made.
  5. The weft should be sealed on the sides of each extension piece so that small hairs do not stick out on the sides.
  6. Always choose 100% Human Hair clip in hair extensions. Human hair secure that the clip ins blends in naturally with natural hair and enable use of heated styling tools.
  7. The hair should not be too shiny and fake looking. Quality clip in extensions should look natural together with real hair.
  8. Double drawn vs Single drawn. Double drawn means that all hair have the same lengths, Single drawn means that the extension has more shorter hair. Many prefer single drawn extensions since they are blending in more natural with real hair.
  9. Always choose Remy hair. This means that the cuticles (protein shells on the hair surface) are facing in the same natural direction from root to end. This prevent tangling hair.
  10. For thin hair type choose a lighter clip in set. i.e 110 gram set. For thick hair choose a more heavy clip in set, i.e 150 grams or more.

Clip In Hair Extensions Before and After



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