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What to wear on your first date?

Updated on August 7, 2013

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

We all have experienced the highs and lows of our First Dates. We seem to be really attracted to the guy and finally he asks you out on that crucial First Date. The first thing that comes into your mind is that "I have nothing to wear". Do not worry, relax and take deep breaths as your mind comes to the decision of choosing something to wear for your first date. I will take you through a tour of the 7 things you should pay attention to while dressing up for your first date.

1. Project your image properly

2. Be conscious of the date environment

3. Take care of the weather conditions

4. Do not experiment

5. Keep everything under wraps

6.Enjoy Yourself

It is not everyday that you get to go on a first date with that guy, so go over all the points very carefully.

Choice of dress should be appropriate for the date

Getting to know each other

The First Date is a time to acquaint yourself with the other person and not exactly a time for revelations. It is a recommendation though to put your best foot forward and show your best points. So choose something to wear that you know you look really good in and also explains your character properly.

For example if you look good in a dress that you know shows off a little too much of your cleavage for the first date, you can always wear a scarf to make it decent. Now if you are an out an out extrovert then don't bother with the scarf!

I will always go for something chique and a bit classy but casual at the same time. Do not make a faux pas by overdressing or underdressing. You will want him to be attracted to you but at the same time you do not want him to just think about that one thing.

Project your personality astutely. Be wise. If its summer time then you can be a bit more casual and wear something that shows off your shoulders but keep it simple. Do not tie him up in knots on the very first date.

Significance of the Occasion

If you are going to an opera and you dress in shorts, obviously it is not done. So think before you wear. Try to decide on the place of meeting with him beforehand so that you know exactly what kind of dress to wear on the date.

It is annoying not to be told of the meeting place but it might happen. Then dress in a long skirt and sweet top so that it goes with any place. Do not dress formally as after all you were kept in the dark and it is best to be a bit informal on a date.

There are many places that he could take you to and hopefully he will try to impress you so go with the flow and impress him back. There many holes which need to be filled but taking care of what you should wear is the first one so don't goof up!

Prepare yourself for the Outdoors

Take ample cover like jackets, stoles or sweaters. You never know how cold the outdoors might become especially in the winter. You might ask why the outdoors on a date? But according to me romance grows as you take a walk down a street, preferably holding hands and chatting about yourselves.

There is no better way than an uninterrupted drive or walk to cement things between the two of you. So I would really recommend you to be well prepared to spend time outdoors as well as indoors. Do not act like a spoilsport when he asks you to take a walk with him or go on a long drive. Remember this is a good sign that he has really enjoyed your company and is taking it to the next level.

Choose Your Outdoor Wear

Avoid a Style that you have never tried before

One gets very excited on the first date and forgets the basics when dressing up for the all important evening. It is nice to be enthusiastic but do not try anything new on your first date. Wear clothes you feel comfortable and confident in. Do not go for a off shoulder dress if you do not have the past experience of wearing it.

We can easily ruin everything by not following this basic rule of engagement and can make or break your date. There are lots of dresses you can choose from, in your own wardrobe and go with something easy to wear and one that has fetched you a lot of compliments before.

If you are constantly worried about your dress and fidget around the whole evening then you yourself will be surprised how quickly all will be over. I know you want to look your best and catch everyone's eye but try to hold on to your horses and go for something more familiar.

Avoid these like the PLAGUE!

Do not Expose unnecessarily

I might sound like a grandmother Hubbard when I advise you not to show off or expose yourself but it is not without reason.

First dates can be very tricky and since you are spending so much time in getting ready for the date , I garner you like this guy more than you are revealing. But if you expose, it might get over sooner than you think. So take it slow and you will see the relationship evolve. If the guy wants you to expose then he is not the one I would trust.

I would like you to feel absolutely fresh and win him with your personality rather than cheap stuff. It is very hard to find someone I realize but these points will help you build a healthy relationship and not give you BANG BANG! THANK YOU A MA"AM experience.

Simply a NO NO, for your first date

Having a Ball

The most important part of dressing up is feeling great in what you wear and then going out with that feeling. You should have the right attitude towards your date. Be open and frank and always be in the limits on your first date.

You have to enjoy though and do it in a classy fashion. Don't try to ape movie stars just be yourself on the date and you will see that the initial attraction will blossom into a long term relationship.

Good Luck!

Time to enjoy

I really like this video except for the suggestion to go with high heels. Keep it flat for the first date.

Prices for the recommended dresses

Type of Dress
Available at Store
Short white/black dress
Sterling Pounds 95 - Sterling Pounds 150
USD 40 - USD 80
Casual Shoes
Infinity Shoes
USD 40 - USD 80
Sterling Pounds 35 - Sterling Pounds 150
Do not overawe the guy by dressing in expensive suits. Keep it simple!

Best Place for that First Date

Where would you like to go for your First Date?

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      The theme is very unique. You have chosen an emotional topic like first date and 'factified' it so well yet giving tips here and there about how to make the date right. I felt like it was written for me.


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