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How to choose a lipstick color matching tone skin

Updated on April 7, 2016

Lipstick ever been known as an effective weapon of any girls yet. Just a little accenting the lips brought the radiant beauty, made girls more confident and prominent. However, choosing the appropriate lipstick is not known and understood. Here are a few suggestions to help the girls choose the best lip color suited to themselves, to always shine.

First of all, let's define exactly that your skin belong to which leather group in the following three groups to obtain the basic orientation in choosing appropriate colors for the lips.

Light skin: Light skin is usually not picky lip color, you only need to consider the nature of the dress and your participation only to choose lipstick to match

Medium skin: Girls own this skin will fit the neutral colors such as orange, brown leather, orange skin, orange earth ...

Dark skin: dark brown color tinged with purple is the most ideal choice, or moderately deep colors bring striking looks for faces.

Lipstick for white skin.

For girls with pinky-white skin is relatively easy pick lipstick because virtually every lipstick is very fit. However, with those colors as: pinky-orange, violet, light pink or dark pink, magenta colors are colors flattered skin the most. When using this lip color on the lips will make faces with harmony and extremely prominent

With green or pale white skin should choose lipstick with dark pink or dark red, it will add vitality and radiance to your face both. Avoid colors like pale pink, will make your face look pale and lifeless over.

Lipstick for dark skin.

The girls have dark skin should choose the lipstick with orange or red on average. These colors will create a balance for the skin, make your face not too dark, not too bright to the skin. Absolutely not using crimson lipstick or too dark colors will make your face more and more darkened.

Yellow skin should choose what color lipstick?

With the girls who favor yellow skin, be wise to choose a pinky-orange lipstick or bright pink seems to bring fresh faces.

And more than ever, when deciding to use a lipstick, you not only rely on your skin but also have to consider your age, to affordability and quality of lipstick. Can not just follow trends or expensive lipstick think is appropriate. In addition, please pay attention to where you are going to, the person you will see, the costume that you wear today to get a perfect combination.


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