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How to choose an engagement ring

Updated on March 14, 2011

Overwhelmed by choices? How to narrow them down

You think about her all day, you want to be with her all the time, you are basically in love with her. Now that your feelings are crystal clear you are not so sure on how to choose an engagement ring. You want this to be a perfect surprise so you are missing the element of having her choose. While this may make the choosing part difficult for you there are some guidelines that may help narrow down your search for the perfect ring. To facilitate this process ask yourself these basic questions:

Does she wear fancy jewelry or does she wear pretty simple jewelry?

Does she have a favorite gem?

Do you know her favorite color?

Does she like wearing her birthstone jems?

Is she easy to make happy/please?

Worse case scenario, can you ask her friends and family?

Asking friends and family can be a great option. Of course they would have to keep their mouths well shut. Another big problem is getting her ring size. If you can secretly use one of her rings and trace the inside and outside on a piece of paper and you can have a a jeweler see it. Or you can also wear her ring on your finger and make a little mark where it cannot fit any longer. A jeweler should be able to use the trace to come up with a measurement. It is best if the ring is larger since it can be enlarged should it not fit.

You can further narrow down the choice by asking yourself this simple question:

How much are you willing do spend?

Usually the clearer the diamond the most it will cost. The more carats, the larger and more costly the ring.

Diamonds come in different shapes and sizes. The classic most common shape is round. This shape has a great appeal because it shimmers and captures the light in special ways. However, if you are looking for something romantic consider that diamonds come as well in heart shapes.

A diamond's cut determines how much the diamond will shine. A diamond cut well will have angles that will allow the brilliance to show through, it will have good porportions and is polished well.

Hopefully, at this point the choices should not appear too overwhelming. Sometimes it is a good idea to ask the jeweler's advice. He/she may point out to you the qualities of each ring.

As DeBeers advertises "a diamond is forever" so choose wisely!


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