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How to choose best sunglasses

Updated on February 8, 2011
Tips for using sunglases
Tips for using sunglases

Before we go ahead to find out tips to buy sunglasses, let try to answer a simple question. Why do we wear sung-lass? Although answer to this is simple, lets jot them down first.

  • To protect my eyes from sunlight
  • To protect my eyes from ultra violet rays (UV rays)
  • To look smart and trendy

Yes, above three reasons comprise 99.99 % of the reasons why we wear sunglasses. So if I want to buy a new sunglasses, then all the above three criteria should be fulfilled. Below are the few tips you will want to read before buying a new sunglasses.

1. Always buy a branded sunglasses:

As I come from India which is a big market of fake sunglasses, I know that by look of it, some fake sunglasses look better than original sunglasses. I have myself used some of these fake ones during my school, college days and I know the difference between them. Never ever use an unbranded sunglasses or a fake one as they will do more harm than actually not wearing any. Always buy from a branded shop and always ask for a guarantee card.

2. Always go for polarized sunglasses:

Always go for polarized sunglasses as they provide maximum protection from sun's direct and indirect glares and also protect from UV rays. Go for glass with tinted front wafer as that will block most of the high energy visible lights specially blue lights. This can be checked by wearing those glasses in open sun and looking towards sky which should be visible as dark gray.

3. Always buy glass lenses:

Always go for glass lenses and not plastic ones ad glass lenses provide better protection and clarity. Wearing plastic lenses can damage your eyes as they give distorted image and put strain on your eyes. Also never go for cheaper lenses as they are also equally harmful.

4. Go for glasses which suits your face structure:

Always go for glasses which suits the structure of your face. It should not look odd on your face. It should perfectly rest on your nose and should not leave any marks there.Rather then going for the one which is used by some celebrity go for the one in which you looks cool and comfortable.

5. Go for specification and not brand:

It is not always necessary that only branded glasses will fulfill your requirement. Also go for the glass which suits your requirement. Select the glass with correct specification even if it is cheaper than your favourite brand. Go for the lighter and unbreakable one if it for playing outdoor sports.

One more advantage of wearing sun glasses is that they will reduce your jet lag if you wear them during long haul flights as your body clock is also decided by the amount of light falling on your retina...

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    • profile image

      shad 5 years ago

      And you shouldn't always go for polarized. Sunglass companies are having a hard time correcting depth perception issues cause by polarized lenses. Most baseball players and golfers are better off without AND prefer non-polarized lenses because of this issue.

    • profile image

      shad 5 years ago

      Glass isn't necessarily better than polycarbonate. Military mostly use Oakley for its polycarbonate lens. Glass will shatter. Oakley's lens are shatterproof. For protection, glass lenses are not the way to go.

    • harmony155 profile image

      harmony155 5 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Name brand is not important as much as looking to see if the sunglasses provide both UVA and UVB protection!