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How to choose shoes

Updated on February 8, 2011
How to select right pair of shoes
How to select right pair of shoes

In this hub, I will not tell you to how to buy shoes as you been doing for years rather I will tell you how to buy them in the first visit to the super market.

How many times it has happened with you that you bought a pair of shoes, tried it at home and then went back to store to replace them or return them. In a survey in US, shoes appears quite high in the list of item which people return or replace in supermarket. reason behind that is people might live with the clothes which may not perfectly fit their body but cant live even with designer shoes for a day if it doesn't fit their feet.

So lets go through these tips to buy the proper shoes for you in the first attempt:

1. Always measure your feet:

Never go into the shop and straightaway ask for shoe of particular size which you think is the correct size of your feet. always ask the salesman to measure your feet and get the correct size of shoes.

2. Never think that shoes will increase in size after use:

Its a very common myth that shoes will increase in size after use, so buy a tighter pair of shoes. This is wrong....  Always go for a pair of shoes which will always fit your feet properly. Always try them with your socks as this will give your correct measurement.

3. Go for larger size in case of dissimilar feet size:

In most case, both of our feet are of different size. So always get both of your feet measured and if they are of different size, then go for the bigger size.If required, buy a insole to fill the remaining space in smaller feet's shoe.

4. Always go for comfort than style or brand:

This is the common problem with lot of us as we go for the better looking shoes than selecting based on comfort. It is advisable to get the comfort first and then look for style. In other words, first get all the measurement done first, try 2-3 shoes and then of you are comfortable with the chosen measurement, then go for style selection.

5. Try walking in the store wearing both shoes:

After choosing your shoes, wear them and have a walk in the store for two three minutes. You should feel comfortable with them before giving the final nod.

I believe, if you follow the above mentioned tip, you might never have to revisit your shoes store after buying a pair.

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