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How to choose the right jeans for you

Updated on October 1, 2013

Jean shopping is something most of us dread. Once there comes a time to shop for these obstacles in blue, there are so many choices it leaves your head spinning and you walking out the mall frustrated and unsuccessful. Jeans come in all sizes, shapes, colors, patterns, designed for specific seasons. For the summer bon fire, ripped and bleached jeans are just what the occasion calls for. When headed to a rock concert or a lunch date with your girls, boyfriend jeans paired with heels and a rock tee can be a chic and stylish way to head out the door. Contrary to your beliefs, jeans do come in the perfect shape and size for you. Before you head back to the dressing room, read on for some pointers to help you out next time you’re in the market for some new hip hugging, flattering jeans.

Where am I going?

Jean shopping is a serious undertaking so decide what you want in a pair of jeans and how many you’ll need to purchase. Quality made jeans can last around 2 to 3 years if taken care of. They don’t need to be washed every time they are worn as long as you didn’t overly sweat or drop ketchup on them. You can simply air them out then put them away for next time. What occasions do you want your jeans for? The occasion should match their wash and style.

If you’d like to dress up your jeans or take them to the office try a dark wash or a classic blue wash. These can be used as neutrals and pairs with any color combination you’d desire. Put a professional, flowy top and blazer on and you are ready for a casual day at the office.

If you’d like to hang with your friends on a lazy afternoon, try a faded or dirty wash for a more casual look. These jeans are much more casual and perfect for lazing around on a Saturday afternoon. These are usually a little shredded, faded blue in color with wear marks displaying the love you’ve shown them through the years.

If you are more interested in a versatile pair that you can throw on some heels for a night on the town, try the boyfriend jean which is slouchy and roomie. If you have a semi-casual event to run to in the evening throw on a classy shirt, roll up your jeans and add heels for an instantly fashionable look.

The picture below shows just a few variants of jeans that could be suitable for you. Don’t be afraid to invest in white jeans that are great for summer or a pattered pair to shack it up - have a little fun with your denim!

Keep in Mind When Trying on Jeans

Give yourself time so you can really decide which pair fits best.

Sit and squat to make sure you are not showing too much butt and take note of how comfortable the jeans are.

Remember sometimes it’s not the size that matters, it’s the fit. You might have to go up or down a few sizes depending on the fit of the jeans. Don’t get worked up about the size on the label and if it bothers you, cut it off!

Pay attention to tones of wash, darker tones can be dressed up while lighter tones can sometimes be more slimming. Have an open mind and see what works best on you.

If you find a style and shape you love, buy a second pair. Try a different color so that you can alternate looks.

Think quality, not quantity. You don’t need 10 pairs of jeans in every single color and shape but you do need 3 or 4 that will fit different situations and make you feel stylish and sexy. Also think about the ‘fat days’, keep hold of a worn, soft and comfortable pair.

What shape is best for me?

This is the question that haunts everyone from the fit and curvaceous to the girl trying to fake a little junk in the truck.

Long Legs

For the wall women trying to stay away from high-waters who only seem to find jeans that are a tad too short, companies are making jeans with 36-inch inseams which will fit perfectly on your long luscious legs. If you happen to find a pair of jeans that you love but are just a little too short, check out the hem line. If they have been double hemmed, take them home and undo the hem for a little more length.

Top Heavy

For the full figured women who carries a bit more weight on top, a wide legged jean or flared jean are perfect to balance the shape of your body.


Women with a bit more cushion, your main issue might be that the pants fit great in the crotch but cause you to show plumber’s crack while sitting. Try jeans with low rise fronts but a high rise in the back for a perfect fit. Also be aware of bejeweled pockets that will draw more attention to your back side then you might want. Stick to flat pockets and smaller, angular pockets to give you a slimming effect.

Pirate Searching for Some Booty

Your friends might be complaining about too much booty in the pants but you’ve looked up getting the Brazilian booty lift on more than one occasion. Higher back pockets and pockets with flaps and embellishments will all add that extra umph in your backside. There are also great pairs of jeans coming out these days that are shaped to offer your tushy a lift.

Belly Bulge

Don’t succumb to the muffin top, hide your bitty belly by wearing a pair of bootleg jeans. They will help hide the extra weight you are carrying around your waist by balancing you out. Boot-cut jeans will balance your legs and the midrise will help control the tummy leaving your body perfectly flattered. Wide trouser leg jeans are also great but make sure you find them with a midrise to prevent any spillage on top.

Lacking the Curves

When you lack the curves and have a sporty or boyish figure, skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans can look great on you. Although you might be lacking natural curves, you are able to find many different shapes to accentuate your body. Depending on your height, lowrise and highrise can work for you. If you wear highrise you can give the impression of longer legs while low rise will widen your hips. Both will draw attention to your natural waist in flattering ways and accentuate the curves you do have.

Below is a great jean guide for some extra pointers to help you with your body shape.


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      5 years ago

      Thanks for the hub! great information for the dreaded trip to the store to buy jeans!


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