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How To Conceal A Tattoo

Updated on August 30, 2011

Covering up that tattoo

It seemed like a good idea at the time and you actually are quite proud of your tattoo. You thought about what design you where going to have, where to have it and proudly have displayed it for years. But the time has come, a wedding, maybe even yours, a job interview, or you just need to cover it up for an emergency, the tattoo has to go.

Permanent removal is an option, but expensive and time consuming. So what is to be done?

Well read on.........

Hiding The Tattoo

I suppose it depends on where you tattoo is situated. If its on your torso, lower back, thighs,hips it can be covered with the appropriate clothing but its those ones on the forearms, upper arms, feet, neck, face and feet that are going to cause more of a problem. If you have a tattoo on your face then you are probably not going to be the sort of person who will want to cover it up. There are those people out there who had a tattoo done in haste without giving it to much thought and now need to cover up. My sister in law was a bit of a biker chick in her days and had two daggers tattoos to her upper arms, complete with blood dripping from a stabbed heart. She hates them now, she is the picture of middle class housewife and spends most of the summer wearing long sleeved T shirts to cover them up. Its not that she is against tattoos, her own children have them, its the design she chose. She phoned me and was aghast that her daughter had decided to get married in the summer. I was pleased for her but she was horrified as her first thought was her tattoo's. We discussed permanent removal, but funds where not available especially as she had to pay for some of the wedding.

She came over for a visit and I scraped together all my old make up bits and bobs and got to work. Firstly I used a colour corrector, a lilac colour, and spread it over the upper arm area. The colour was still bleeding through so I patted talcum powder over the greasy lilac corrector. Mmm it was getting fainter. I also had some double strength concealer that I then smeared all over it. It sort of was going but not enough, then mineral powder make up, applied with a brush, then more talcum powder and then more mineral powder. It looked great, it was still there but so faint you had to really stare hard to see it. She pulled her T shirt over her head and pushed her arm through the arm hole leaving most of my work on the inside of her t shirt. It was not set hard enough and just rubbed off at the lightest touch. This we decided was hopeless. I had one more attempt on her other arm and used hair spray to try and set the make it did not work it was still rubbing off over everything.

Drastic action was needed. We scoured the local shops for the right tools. We ended up spending a fortune on an expensive make up range that assured 24 hour staying power and industrial strength concealer. We did manage to do the job but it was not great but it was the best we could do.

Now this is the way not to hide a tattoo, if I had knows that Kat Von D did her own range I would have ordered it by the bucket load and gladly paid the price. Luckily my sister in law had sought some professional advice form a local tattooist and he recommended that she buy a purpose made product to give her maximum coverage, she ordered from the internet. The wedding went fine, she wore a light blue short sleeved dress, felt confident and played her role perfectly, She took her tube of tattoo concealer with her just to make sure her daggers remained concealed. She did use it once in the evening but that was it, instant success and to think of all the money we wasted. If a jobs worth doing its worth doing well.

Things to remember when trying to cover up a tattoo

Buy a purpose made concealer, do not try to make do it will not work

It may rub off on your clothes, so just remember this when choosing an outfit

Take the concealer with you it may need touching up after a few hours

Make sure you blend and use a skin tone nearest to your own

If you notice someone staring at your tattoo, thats just life

Remember you may hate it, but it may not be as offensive as you think, be proud and flaunt it if you cannot deal with a cover up

If you are applying for a job some employees specifically state that inappropriate tattoos have to be covered up anyway when or if you are offered a job

Practice using the concealer a few times before the event you are attending, practice makes perfect


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