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How to create the perfect Princess Costume

Updated on July 12, 2011

The perfect Princess Costume

If you are looking for inspiration to make the perfect princess costume for a special little someone, I have selected a number of items that should guide you to princess heaven. Rather than buying a 'ready made' princess costume that is expensive and poor quality, choose specific items that are fabulous, original and can be worn again! This guide suggests a princess costume from head to toe that would be the pride and joy of any little princess and will steal the show, whatever the occasion.

I have focused on pink and white as a colour scheme for this suggested princess costume, but many of the items come in a variety of colours. If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional, go for a pale blue or maybe yellow or gold for a modern take.

The Dress

Princess costume
Princess costume

The Princess Costume Dress

 For any Princess; whatever the age, the dress is the most important part of the outfit. The dress should represent the theme and give grace and confidence to the wearer. There are a huge variety of occasion dresses available for all ages now, with the ever growing popularity of the 'prom' being catered for. Choosing the right dress is a challenge as many can seem very 'old' for young girls. My suggested princess costume dress is a fabulously simple style that is decorative and pretty, suitable for all ages of princess. A huge tulle skirt provides the grace a princess needs! The other two dresses shown below offer white alternatives.

The Princess Costume Cape

 Nothing is more glamorous yet practical than a cape. A princess cape covers the shoulders whilst not covering up the wonderful princess dress. Capes come in various fabrics, the most popular, faux fur or satin. The two samples below offer contrasting options. Bright pink satin and floor length with applique crown detail, or chic white faux fur short cape. Your choice will depend on the age of your little princess.

The Princess Costume Jewels

 A princess costume is not complete until there is a crown! A princess crown is easy to come by, but many are plastic and uncomfortable to wear. If you are looking for a princess crown that will last and could be worn again, go for more sparkle and more quality. More sparkle doesn't have to mean high cost, the princess tiara below looks like the real thing, yet it it still affordable and also suitable to be worn on many special occasions.

Princess Costume
Princess Costume

Princess Costume Accessories

As with any costume, the princess costume needs accessories to make it complete. A little hand held fabric bag is perfect for your little princess to carry her gold. A bag with sequins, glitter or fabric flowers provides the finishing touches for the discerning princess. A pretty necklace can also be a good way for the princess to show off more of her jewels. Body glitter is also a great way of adding sparkle without using makeup; it can be applied to the cheeck bones, arms or neck for great effect.

The Princess Costume Shoes

 Ballet pumps are the traditional footware for a delicate princess. Luckily ballet pumps are a popular style amongst all footwear and can be brought in all colours and styles. The two styles of ballet pumps selected below offer two options; bright and glittery, or traditional ballerina style. The benefit of the shoe is the greater durability and also the sparkle is always a winner with princesses.

Princess costume
Princess costume

Does your Princess need a cake?

When I was a young princess I remember my mum making me a princess cake. Every year my cake would be different, but the princess cake was always my absolute favourite. Watch the video below to see how to make your own memorable princess cake.

 Enjoy my guide to creating the perfect princess costume?


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