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How to do Princess Aurora's Makeup

Updated on February 3, 2015

"Sleeping Beauty" Movie Poster


Aurora Makeup Tutorial

Step One

Prime Face

I used Mark Face Primer and my fingertips to apply to my face.

A little goes a long way when using Mark Face Primer. It can also be tricky to remove a small amount from the bottle as it comes out very quickly so put your finger directly by the opening and squeeze just barely to get a small amount out.

Step Two

Prime Eyes

I used Mark Eye Primer and my clean fingers to apply lightly to my eyes. Use only a dab. If you use too much your makeup will run or become blotchy very quickly. Just apply enough where your eye shadow will be able to grab a hold of it.

Step Three

Eye shadow

I used Avon eye palette:Caribbean Sunset.

Apply shade dusty brown to eyelids with soft eye shadow brush.

You can also use any eye palette that has various shades of browns in it. Mark products has some nice palettes with a variety of browns in them as well.

Step Four

Eye shadow

Apply Caribbean sunset palette shade: vivid bronze.

Apply to eye fold with a firm eye shadow brush.

Step Five


Use Jillian Dempsey Perfect Professional Eye kit: Smoky Eye. Apply the lightest shade under
the brow arch.

Use a soft eye shadow brush. Blend your shadows together well.

Step Six


I used Aveda Black Orchid eye liner to outline both lash lines. Smudge the line carefully after applying. You can smudge easiest with the tip of your finger. This will make the line appear more natural and not as harsh, Just focus on making your eyes look doey if you aren't exactly sure if you smudged enough or applied enough liner.

Step Seven


I recommend Aerovolume Black Avon mascara.

Apply thickly for doey eyes! This mascara is amazing! It creates long long long lashes! And the volume and dimensions of my lashes after using the product was close to wearing falsies my lashes looked that thick and full. You can use other mascaras too, but using black is probably the best option for a more dramatic look.

Step Eight


Use a Mark concealer stick next. Dab the stick directly onto blemishes.

Apply to all your blemishes. You want to create as close to a perfect canvas for your face to do an Aurora look justice! Blend the concealer with a slightly moist makeup sponge if it doesn't look smoothed out enough.

Step Nine


Apply Mark concealer to lips with a makeup sponge to create a blank canvas for your lip color.

Step Ten

Lip liner

Use Aveda Lip liner all over lips over the concealer. This will hold your lip color in place easier. Aveda lip liner is nice because you can use it for any lip color you have as it has no color.

Step Eleven


Apply Ultra Color Lipstick Avon-color Carnation all over your lips. This pink color I think looks great for Aurora's look. If the color isn't quite right for you though, find a different shade of pink to use. Also if your lips are fairly thin use a pink lip gloss instead! This will make your lips look a bit bigger and fuller.

Step Twelve


Apply Mark powder foundation all over your face to set your makeup in place. Make sure the shade you use works well for your skin tone.

Use a foundation brush to apply evenly.

Step Thirteen


Tarte pink blush is a great choice here to accent for an Aurora makeup look.

Use a fan brush to apply to your cheekbones. Aurora has a very angular face with vivid cheekbones so be sure to accent under your cheekbones with the blush to make yours more noticeable. Don't use too much blush though so you don't look unnatural or like Kirby from Kirby's avalanche.

Cole Art Aurora Makeup Tutorial




Cole Makeup Artistry


Aurora from Disney's Sleeping Beauty

What other Disney Princess makeup tutorials would you like to see?

What other Disney Princess makeup tutorials would you like to see?

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