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How to do: U TIP hair extensions

Updated on June 19, 2013

Pre-bonded U-Tip hair extensions has long been the preferred extension method by professional stylist and salons throughout the world.

U-TIP is a small keratin tip that is shaped like a U, also called Nail Tip or Hot Fusion hair extensions.

U Tip hair extensions are long term hair extensions that you wear day and night for several months.

Keratin is a fiber protein that you find in your natural hair. When you warm it up it melts and can be shaped. When it cools down it becomes harder. The keratin substance is already present in your own hair and will therefore not damage the hair.

U-TIPs can be applied quiet easily following the steps in this article.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The most common mistake to do if you have no experience with U tips is to place them too close to the hair roots. That will create tension to the scalp and could cause inflammation and even hair loss. If you place a U TIP too close, you will also notice that the extension hair stands out from the head in stead of lying flat down. You should then immediately redo this extension.

You will not be able to apply U-TIPs by yourself, so you will need assistance from a friend or a hair stylist to do it. You are also gonna need a some special tools to apply the U-TIPs.

So this is how you do it:



Make a spit section horizontally, start about 2 inches from the bottom of your neck



Pinch out a section of strands. The number of strands should be about the same amount that is in the extension you are going to attach. Try to pick the strands in as straight angel as possible from the scalp.



Place a protection pad over the strand and attach it with a clip. On the protection pad there are some measure lines that can help you align the extensions.

IMPORTANT: You should never place the extension closer that 1 cm (0.5 inch) from the roots. Use the measure lines on the protection pas to secure this distance.



Place the U TIP under the strand at least 1 cm from the roots.

If you like smaller tip, you can cut the U Tip down to about 0.5 cm (0.2 inch) before the attachment. This will make the U TIP more comfortable but less durable.



Use a fusion connector tool to heat up the keratin tip some seconds until it melts.



Wait some seconds so that the keratin cools down a little, then roll it with your fingers to seal the keratin around your own hair.


The U tip is now attached and you can move on to the next. Repeat step 1 to 6

Place the U tips in horizontal rows moving from the bottom of your neck and work your way upwards. Leave a distance of about 2.5 cm (1 inch) between each row.


When you are getting to the upper part of the head, you can place some extension rows on the sides.

Make sure never to place the U Tips too close to the hairline making them visible. You should test lifting the hair up to ensure that the extensions move freely with out tension in all directions.

You should be able to wear a ponytail or do an updo style without reveling the U TIPs.

and VOLA...Julia got U TIP hair extensions.


U Tip extensions last for 3-5 months. For this tutorial we have used Fabhair U-tips in hair color #2, Fabhair Start Kit no.1 with all the tools you need for U-Tips. Finally we have made an ombre bleach of the hair.

Long Lasting
Not a DYI method
Very Versatile
Special tools needed
Natural Look
Can cause irritation to the scalp

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    • profile image

      nessa 3 years ago

      My utip extensions are dreading at the roots, how do I untangle this?