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How to do a Sexy Twist Out on Natural Hair

Updated on November 28, 2012

How to do a Twist Out on Natural Hair Introduction

Doing a twist out on natural hair is not hard. There are a few techniques that make a great twist out, but once you get the basics down there is nothing to it. Once you learn the foundations, you can tweak what you have learned, and add to it. You never know, you could make it better. With that said, let's get started.

Make Your Own Hair Product from Scratch

Twist Out on Natural Hair Technique #1--Make Sure You Have the Right Product for Your Hair

Natural hair can be manageable if the hair is kept moisturized. Therefore, before you start your twist out, make sure you have a product that you like, and that is good for moisturizing your hair. I cannot stress enough how the right product for your hair can do wonders. If you want a product that does not have bad ingredients for your hair, does not leave build up, keeps your hair soft, and enables your hairstyles to come out flawlessly, you are going to have to do one of two things: do some deep research on the best natural hair products, or make your own hair product from scratch.

I recommend you learn how to make your own hair products if you haven't already. A great product can have your twist out come out fierce. Secondly, If you have not washed your hair in a while (for example, if you have not washed your hair in a week), I suggest you co-wash it.

Co-Wash Your Hair


Twist Out on Natural Hair Technique #2 -- Make Sure Your Hair is Clean

Co-washing is when you wash your hair with a conditioner. If you want your hairstyles to last, and to be super fresh, it is best to have clean hair.

However, if you have just co-washed your hair, or if you are planning on co-washing your hair before you do your twist out, be sure your hair is either dry or damp. You do not want to do a "twist out on natural hair" that is wet. Personally, I like to wait until my hair is damp. If you wait until your hair is damp or dry, then your hair will set faster. However, if you try to do a twist out on wet hair, it may take a while before your hair sets.

Medium/large sized twist that can create the hairstyle below
Medium/large sized twist that can create the hairstyle below
Large twist that create big wavy hair.
Large twist that create big wavy hair.

Question: What Kind of Twist Out do You Want?

Do you want a big wavy twist out, a curlier more refined twist out, or a curlier refined twist out that is big? If you prefer bigger wavier hair, than you will part your hair into bigger sections. If you want a curlier more refined twist out, then you will twist your hair into small sections. You can leave them as is once you untwist them, or you can take each strand, and split it into two. If want a curlier refined twist out but bigger, then follow the method of the curlier more refined twist out above. This time, instead of splitting them into twos, split or separate them into threes and fours.

Your next thought may be, "I wonder how many twists?" How many twists are up to you, it is your preference. Just remember, the bigger the twists the wavier and bigger the hair. The smaller the twists the curlier and more refined.

Tip: If you know you want a bang, strategically part and twist your hair where you want your bang, or concentrate on making twists in the area you want the most emphasis. In short, literally make a bang of two strand twists across your forehead.

Twist Outs Done with Smaller Twist and Then separated

Let's Get Started

Now that your hair is either damp or dry, begin parting your hair into sections. For a sexy "twist out on natural hair" part your hair into four or six big sections, or just part as you go. If you want a wavy twist out, part out a nice sizable piece of hair, if you want a curlier twist out, part out a smaller section of hair. Once you have determined the size of your twist, take the section of hair you have chosen, and separate them into two strands:

1) Apply product on hair starting from the end of the hair to the scalp. (Just dipping your fingers in your product will be enough.)

2) Grasp each strand at the top close to your scalp.

3) Begin twisting them around one another keeping a hold of one strand with your pointer finger and your thumb.

4) One hand holds the strand firmly with the pointer finger and thumb while rolling and twisting it at the same time, the other hand delivers the other strand to the other hand once it is done twisting the other strand.

5) Repeat. Basically, with the two strands, you are twirling or twisting one strand as you are wrapping it around the other strand, and then doing the same thing to the other strand.

6) Keep doing this and remember to twist the two strands around each other as firmly as possible. The firmer, the tighter and better your "twist out on natural hair" will be.

How to do a Twist Out on Natural Hair provided by 4mySisterz

Books and Products for Maintaining, Growing, and Styling Black Natural Hair


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    • profile image

      Shelly 2 years ago

      Hi Dignified:

      Do you mind giving out any recipes for making your own hair products?

    • dignifiedlove profile image

      dignifiedlove 3 years ago

      Hello Denisha, that is perfectly fine. I agree. Different methods work for different people. Personally, I like to do twist outs on damp hair, and my hair loves it. My twist outs always come out perfectly. However, I received the best results when I started making my own hair products.

    • profile image

      Denisha Brown 3 years ago

      I disagree. I think that you should have your hair wait for a successful twist out. Obviously not soaking wet, but if it's damp to dry, your twist out will be frizzy, in addition, it will be hard to detangle. Towel dry your hair a bit, put the product in there, seal the ends, and comb through it. Once you have done this, then start your twisting. Yes, it will be wet but this will really allow the product and moisture to seep through.

    • dignifiedlove profile image

      dignifiedlove 3 years ago

      You are right. I should do a hub on bantu knots, or rather bantu not outs.

    • profile image

      Diiickkk 4 years ago

      Bantu Knots are better

    • dignifiedlove profile image

      dignifiedlove 5 years ago

      You can definitely do some really cool hairstyles with twist outs. What I love about twist outs is that they set so easily.

    • profile image

      d.o.c. 5 years ago

      this twist-out style is real cool. the fellows are not as inventive with hair as women,so it sets the stage for a very ecentric look for me..trend setter in the north west

    • dignifiedlove profile image

      dignifiedlove 5 years ago

      Thank you. Consider it done.

    • dignifiedlove profile image

      dignifiedlove 6 years ago

      Thanks for your comment!! I love twists, too. That is my main hairstyle. There are so many ways in which you can wear your hair with them.

    • ThePomadeShop profile image

      ThePomadeShop 6 years ago

      Great tips! I wear twists and twist outs all-year round. I do medium-sized twists to give my hair more volume.

    • dignifiedlove profile image

      dignifiedlove 6 years ago

      Thank you very much, I too like smaller twists as well. Smaller twists do take a long time, but they set faster, and when it is time to untwist them, it does not take long to unravel them. And, oh, the shine quality!

    • MarleneWheeler profile image

      MarleneWheeler 6 years ago

      Great hub on Black hair, I voted up and bookmarked! I too twist my hair but I do small twists, takes longer but I like it!


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