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How to do cheetah style eye shadow

Updated on August 1, 2013
cheetah print eye makeup
cheetah print eye makeup

Eye make up

I love trying out new kinds of eye make up and styles. This is one of my absolute favorites. It looks awesome and adds a little flare to any look. This would be great to use for Halloween. You can just do a simple cheetah print or get creative and try different color combinations. This design is not as complicated as it looks. If you are looking for something fun and different than your everday makeup this is the perfect style to try.

earth tone eye shadow pallet
earth tone eye shadow pallet
eye liner pen
eye liner pen

Cheetah style

There are lots of ways to accomplish this look but I found this way to be the easiest method that I got the best results with.

What you will need

  • Black eye liner (the kind that is like a pen)
  • your background color I chose orange
  • Mascara (optional but this really completes the look)

What to do

  • First start with the color you chose and apply that from eyelid to brow
  • Then draw a line around your whole eye with the liner
  • Then take the liner and draw the cheetah print design
  • Finish with the mascara on the lashes

cheetah eyeshadow
cheetah eyeshadow
blue cheetah eye shadow
blue cheetah eye shadow


Some more rally cool idea and variations are listed bellow.

  • Try just doing the lid with leopard
  • Extend the design across the side of your face
  • Use rainbow for a background
  • Try using different color combos like green liner and pink shadow
  • Try fill the half circle print with a slightly darker version of the base color
  • Try pairing this look with leopard lips
  • Try pairing this look with leopard nails

This is a fun style so be a creative and play around with the design. To make things easier you can use something with a cheetah print for a reference when you are drawing the design.

This video really helped me out

I would love to hear what you think leave a comment

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    • Paul Kemp profile image

      Paul Kemp 5 years ago

      This is cute, with a sense of humor, Brittanie. Good work! Have fun with it.