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How to do rainbow style eyeshadow

Updated on June 17, 2014
rainbow eye shadow
rainbow eye shadow

Fun eye shadow

If you are looking for a fun new look you should try this out. Rainbow eye shadow it looks complicated but it really is simple. This is a great look for parties, going out or just for fun to bring some color into your usual look. You can even just try it out for Halloween and see how you like it. Rainbow eye shadow is one of my favorite looks when I feel like I need a change up.

eye shadow pallet
eye shadow pallet
eye liners
eye liners

How to do this

First thing is first you need to pick your colors. You can choose them all or just three it is completely up to you. Whatever you choose you just need to make sure that colors are next to each other in the color wheel. A good example would be green to blue to purple. Now that you picked out your colors you can gather the rest of your supplies.

What you are going to need

  • The eye shadow you chose
  • A white or sparkly eye shadow
  • black eyeliner (you can use fun colors to if you wan to experiment)
  • Mascara (I like black but you can choose a fun color)
  • Q tips for application
  • water
  • tissues in case of mistakes

Now that you have all your supplies we can get started.

What to do next

  • Dip the Q tip in water
  • Then apply the first color of eye shadow to the Q tip
  • Take the Q tip and apply the eye shadow to the far corner of your eyelid
  • You want to apply the make up in sections so if you have three colors you will need three sections
  • Switch to the other side of the Q tip dip it in water and apply the next color
  • Apply this color to the mid section of your eyelid
  • Grab another Q tip dip it in water and apply the last color
  • Use the tissue to blend the three colors so they look like they are fading into each other instead of solid blocks.
  • This color should go onto the other corner of your eye lid
  • When applying the colors do not go above the crease of you eye lid
  • For above the crease apply the sparkly white shadow
  • Blend the colored section and the white just a little bit
  • Apply the mascara
  • Now take the eye liner and thickly apply all around the eye

rainbow eye shadow
rainbow eye shadow
rainbow eye shadow
rainbow eye shadow

Some varitations

Okay so you can apply some more colors thinly to the under eye area to make the rainbow a full circle around the eye.

You can do a striped type version with each color going straight across the whole lid in thin lines.

You can add even more color by using colored mascaras and eye liners.

You can color the whole lid instead of just the area under the crease.

All of these variations have a unique look and style so go ahead and experiment. You can't go wrong when it comes to rainbows. This does take some practice so if you mess up at first it no worries just remove the colors and try again.

This video helped me get the basic idea down

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