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How to do your makeup - Eyeshadows for the brown smokey eye

Updated on July 2, 2011

Smokey eyes

The smokey eye is one of the most sought after makeup styles. A successful smokey eye will enhance the intensity of the eyes, make the eyes seem larger and look deep and sexy. The sultry look is often thought of as one of the most difficult to get right, when in fact, all you need is to follow a few simple steps. The secret to an amazing smokey eye is the use of good quality make up products. in this article I aim to suggest the best products out there to achieve the brown smokey eye and a smokey eye using colour. It should also talk you though how to do your makeup to achieve your desired result.

Smokey eyes- the first step

Lining the eye

Choose a soft black eye liner to line the contours of the whole eye. A liquid liner isn't so appropriate, as the lines created are too crisp for the smokey eye. Line the eye, making the line on the upper lashes slightly thicker. Below are some good products for doing the job!

How to do tour makeup - The smokey eye
How to do tour makeup - The smokey eye

The Brown Smokey Eye


Using a metallic eyeshadow for the base of your brown smokey eye produces a fantastic base that reflects light and makes the eye socket look larger.

For the base eyeshadow choose a neutral tone, such as silver, light gold or pearl.

These suggested shadows from Lacome, La Colors and NYX provide the right base to add further colour.

To achieve the best result, apply the base eyeshadow with a medium brush and cover the whole lid and socket half way to the brows. It is best to use a soft brush this applies the colour lightly and evenly. Choose your base colour to match your skintone and clothing. If you are using a natural tone, choose one slightly darker than your natural skin tone.

Alternative base colours

If you prefer a matt finish to your smokey eye, rather than using a metallic base, choose from natural tones such as cream, peach or nude.

How to do your makeup - Brown smokey eye
How to do your makeup - Brown smokey eye

Further definition of the eye

 Now using a second colour, further define the eye by using a small brush or pointed sponge to draw around the eye. The shadow should be blended with the eye pencil to create a softer appearance. This eye shadow should be a dark matte or shimmery colour. The traditional brown smokey eye normally uses a dark bronze or brown. For an alternative, use a colour here to create new impact. The best colourss include dark green, purple or blue, depending on your clothing! Of course, black can also be used to stunning effect with any outfit!

The best eyeshadows to create definition in the smokey eye


How to do your make up - Contour colour and finishing

 Using this same defining colour, apply it to the crease of the eye. The best way to do this is to half close the eye. Once the crease is well defined, now move to the outside corners of the eye. Apply the shadow in a horizontal 'V' shape - the shape and size of this 'V' will control the apparent shape of the eyes. With a medium soft brush, now blend the eyeshadows on the upper and lower eyelid. Repeat application and blending until a deep shade is achieved. Use a highlight colour eyeshadow or facial powder under the eye brow to make the eye seem larger. Finish with lots of black mascara.

The best finishing touches


If you would like more tips of how to do your makeup, check out my article on creating one of MAC cosmetics new looks ' enviably fun'. This article talks you through how to create this on trend look and the best products to use.


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