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How to dress in 80s clothing

Updated on May 8, 2011

80s clothing cool!

The 80s, more than 20 years later, has become cool!

For many the 80s was a fun time! Fashion became experimental like never seen before. Identities of both women and men were questioned and turned upside down. The music, dance, TV and gaming scene was taken over by new technological advances, resulting in young people playing tennis on their TV by day and listening to 'electronica' by night. The 80s was a time of great change and creativity, that in recent years has again become cool!

The 80sclothing theme is now synonymous with many a fancy dress party and also the inspiration for many trend following fashionista's or young designers. Dressing in 80s clothing is now commonplace amongst young people not even born in the 80s era. The 80s has been revived in the youth culture of today in both fashion and music!....So join in the trend!

If you are looking to update your 80s clothing or your are looking for a perfect 80s clothing fancy dress outfit, look no further! Check out this super cool 80s gear for men and women!


80s clothing
80s clothing

80s clothing essentials...

The 80s Sunglasses

An easy way to create an 80s style look is by wearing the statement sunglasses! Sunglasses were always seen perched on the nose of Madonna and any wannabe. The wayfarer sunglasses are now as popular as ever and can be brought in a way array of colours. Neon colours as well as black were popular and have also made a big comeback in todays fashion market. Buy yourself a statement pair to update any old look!

80s clothing essentials....

The Slogan T-shirt

As well as being an era for fashion revolution, the 80s was a period of political change and for the first time, young people were interested! The era of the slogan t-shirt was borm in the 80s with designers and music stars making political statements via fashion. Katherine Hamnett was a pioneer of these t-shirts that were endorced by many an 80s star. 'Choose life' was her most famous line.

80s clothing essentials....women....

 Leggings and Leg Warmers

This 80s trend is yet another example of how 80s is now cool! Leggings have had a huge stake in the fashion market for many years now after being hidden away post 80s. Leg warmers are now also cool when worn with working boots. The 80s clothing take on legwarmers and leggings was slightly brighter than today's trends. To get your 80s clothing look correct, your leggings and legwarmers need to be as bright and gaudy as possible. Shiny, metallic, ripped, clashing...all good 80s clothing looks.

80s clothing

Breaking boundaries

For men the 80s saw a completely new take on fashion. Previous norms and barriers were broken as men commonly wore makeup; inspired by David Bowie and Queen, teamed with long hair. Jackets were large and bright, styled wih rolled up sleeves and the slogan or band t-shirt. Trousers were extra tight and often bright or metallic. Leather jackets were also popular 80s clothing worn with tight stone washed jeans.


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