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How to dress like Brad Pitt in Spy Game

Updated on March 14, 2011

How to pull off the Brad Pitt "cool" look

Brad Pitt has always dressed in ways that make other men envious. His clothes fit right, the colors fit the occasion, and the textures are always perfect. The movie Spy Game with Robert Redford was no exception. Both Pitt and Redford were at their sartorial best in this flick, even though Pitt is rarely seen wearing anything other than casual street clothes.

I'm going to show you some of the clothes that Brad Pitt wore in this movie so you can try to imitate parts of this look yourself. Even though the movie is about a decade old, the clothes won't seem dated because most of the film takes place in the 1970s and 1980s, and the styling was purposely made "classic" so characters did not seem too attached to a particular time period.  

The baseball cap

Brad Pitt plays a CIA spy whose cover job is as a photographer. Photographers generally wear caps to keep the hair and sun out of their eyes when snapping photos. Pitt chooses to wear a San Diego Padres cap, which might give away his U.S. military connection (San Diego has a higher percentage of military personnel than any other American city), but he doesn't seem to care.  

Brad Pitt's sunglasses in Spy Game

After much research, I've come to the conclusion that Brad Pitt wears Maui Jim Aviator Square sunglasses in this movie. I would not stake my life on this claim, but they seem to be close -- if not identical, to the sunglasses he's wearing.  

Brad Pitt's shirt and vest

Brad Pitt's shirt in this movie is a western cut button shirt in either very light blue or some sort of off-white/extremely light gray. It's very hard to tell without inspecting it myself, and it looks different on different television screens. I would say that it's probably an off-white. It does have two pockets on the chest.

Like any good photographer before the introduction of the digital camera, Pitt needs lots of pockets. He wears a safari vest in an olive color. Even with the digital camera, lots of pockets are good for storing camera accessories, extra memory cards, etc.  

Brad Pitt's pants

Some people might not have noticed that Brad Pitt wears white or beige jeans in this movie, even when he's in Beirut in the middle of a war. That's a bold fashion statement when worn after Labor Day, let along in the middle of a war zone. For some reason these light-colored pants just go perfect with the casual look Pitt is trying to pull off while blending in with the locals.  

Brad Pitt's boots

Instead of licking Brad's boots, try grabbing a pair of your own. Pitt wears leather ankle boots with a rather pronounced heel. These are not terribly common in stores today, but they sure to look like they'd be good for a stomping. Really, any leather boot with a heel that isn't chunky black rubber will work here.  

The most important accessory of all... well, not really

To really pull of this look you'll need a Leica camera. You probably won't want a film one like what Brad Pitt uses, but even the newer digital Leicas are fantastic cameras, and they look basically the same as the ones they were making 40 years ago. You'll probably want a camera that mixes that black body with steel gray for that real vintage look. To really impress people, actually learn how to use that camera. Apparently you press a button and it takes pictures. Take a photography course and get some shots that will be a little more aesthetically pleasing than those cell phone pics you take of your drunk friends doing stupid stuff at the club. 


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  • liamhubpages profile image


    5 years ago

    I love sexy men, leather jackets, Brad Pitt and leather in general. A perfect combination of man and leather, and a perfect hub!

  • Austinstar profile image


    7 years ago from Somewhere near the center of Texas

    You seem to know your stuff regarding men's styles! I'll keep this in mind if I ever want to dress like Brad Pitt :-)


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