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How to dress like George Clooney

Updated on March 7, 2011

From handyman to fashion icon

George Clooney has been on TV and in movies for a quarter century now. He started out as a handyman on The Facts of Life, moved on to play a jerk boss on Roseanne, then got his big break with a starring role on ER. Now he regularly appears in Oscar-worthy films like Three Kings and Up In The Air (which is fantastic, by the way).

George Clooney is a glowing example of the old adage that men get better-looking with age. He was scruffy and poor in his bit TV roles, but as he started grooming and dressing himself in the more mature manner in various roles he started getting more serious work. Now he's considered one of the best-looking actors in the business, which in turn gets him even more role offers.

I can't make you look like George Clooney, but I can tell you a few of the things I know about George Clooney's style and fashion sense and how you can incorporate it into your wardrobe. Who knows, maybe in 20 years some tabloid will name you the sexiest man in the world.  

The dark suit

The staple of George Clooney's style is the dark suit. There is nothing particularly fashion forward about the type of suit, as I don't recall ever seeing Clooney wearing narrow lapels or those very short suit jackets that seem to be "hip" these days. Clooney's style is classic, and he keeps the suit modest accordingly.

Although he doesn't wear his suit skin-tight like a hipster, his clothes are clearly well-tailored for his body. This means the right fit at the shoulders, a slight taper down the mid-section, and a little flare at the hips. The sleeves should reach the joint where the thumb meets the hand. The bottom of the jacket should be at the knuckle where the middle finger meets the hand when arms are held flat against the body.  

Dark dress shirts

This is where Clooney's style stands out from most of Hollywood. Clooney likes to wear dark dress shirts under this suit jacket. This is unconventional, as you would usually wear a light shirt like white or blue. The dark shirt blends with the dark suit and it takes away from that "V" in the chest that people usually aim for. I'm not sure if Clooney does this to draw more attention to his face or because he doesn't want to wear a necktie.

The dark shirt/dark suit look doesn't work as well if you try it with a necktie. It makes the tie stand out on its own in a sea of dark colors, instead of complimenting/contrasting with the shirt and the suit. Clooney tends to forgo the tie and leave the top button on the collar unfastened. This gives him a very casual appearance despite the fact that he's wearing a suit. Very clever, Mr. Clooney.  

Shoes and belt

I almost always see George Clooney wearing black dress shoes. This goes with his charcoal suit and dark shirt well, and if he wore brown he'd have to wear a brown belt. I've never felt that brown and black/charcoal go together very well. Brown belts should be reserved for when they can compliment a blue shirt and khaki color trousers. 

Of course you have to wear a black belt to match your black shoes. If you're going to wear a leather banded watch, make sure it's black as well.  

Alternative Clooney Looks

There are always exceptions to the rules. George Clooney doesn't wear the same thing every day. It's not a uniform. In the movie Up In The Air (not to be confused with Up, that movie about the old man with the balloons and the annoying kid), Clooney is seen at times where chinos, brown leather shoes, and an absolutely perfectly-fitting blue dress shirt. You probably can't find a shirt that will fit you that well off the rack, but you can at least try by looking for dress shirts that are marked as "fitted" or "tailored" or "modern fit". In general this means they've been brought in a little at the sides so there is little material bunching up where it's tucked into your pants.  

The most important thing of all...

is to groom properly. That's the reason why George Clooney gets so many compliments on his looks. He keeps his hair short and his facial hair shaved or neatly trimmed. This is the mature adult male look that separates the George Clooneys from the Andy Dicks. 

Here we see Clooney change things up and go with a light gray corduroy blazer
Here we see Clooney change things up and go with a light gray corduroy blazer


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  • Jeannieinabottle profile image

    Jeannie InABottle 

    7 years ago from Baltimore, MD

    I really liked this hub. I liked it not just because it was about George Clooney, but this was a different angle. Maybe you've helped other men out there look like George Clooney, and for that I thank you.


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