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How to dress like Harry Crane on Mad Men

Updated on May 21, 2011

Harry Crane - A Man With His Own Style

Mad Men is recognized as one of the most stylish shows on television, and while most people try to emulate the Don Draper look, don't dismiss the creativity that Harry Crane (played by Rich Sommer) displays with his sartorial choices.

Harry's fashion sense would have probably been considered old-fashioned back in the 1960's, but by modern standards they would be considered borderline hipster, albeit with a more corporate slant.

Let's take a look at some of the stylish looks that are popular with Harry Crane: 

The glasses

One of Harry Crane's signature pieces is his glasses. He's one of the only characters on the shows that regularly wears glasses. Although the frames are similar to those found on Ray-ban Clubmaster sunglasses, they are normal prescription glasses. The closest I could find to Harry Crane's frames are the Lemtosh frames by Moscot.

If you don't need to wear glasses, I wouldn't recommend buying these frames just to have "the look". Although it's an identifiable part of Harry's look, it also sets him apart from the "cool guys" on the show and makes him seem like more of a nerd. If you wear these glasses despite having never worn glasses before, your friends will assume you've turned full hipster on them, and they'll throw scraps of food at your feet because they'll assume that's how you prefer to be fed.

If you need something close to these glasses for a costume, try searching for Upswept glasses.  

The bow tie

The bow tie is a little odd in an office setting. That might explain why Harry is the only one who regularly wears one on Mad Men. Bow ties are seen as too formal for the office, and they are typically worn on special occasion because they show the extra care the wearer took to tie a knot that is generally more complicated than the standard neck tie.

Although he sometimes wears a black bow tie, I think he looks far better when he goes with a kooky patterned tie with stripes or polka dots.

If you're having trouble with the knot, just remember that a bow tie knot is almost identical to a shoe lace knot. I realize there are several types of shoelace knots, but once you figure out which one is right for bow ties tying them will be simple, maybe even easier than a necktie.  

Harry Crane's suits

The most defining characteristic of Harry Crane's suits is that they have either a 3 button jacket or they are in what's referred to as a 3/2 configuration, where it's a 2 button jacket but the buttons are higher up as if they were the top and middle button on a 3 button jacket.

It's suspected that Harry wears these jackets to draw attention away from his midsection, as he is a bit hefty compared to guys like Don Draper and Roger Sterling.

Harry does have a summer suit that has made one appearance. It's light-colored, seersucker, and also the only true 2 button jacket we've seen him wear.  

Short-sleeved dress shirts

Some of you may have noticed that Harry Crane is the only character who wears short-sleeved dress shirts in the office. This is a very bold look that is going to backfire for most people who try it. You'll think you look like Harry Crane, but you'll really look like Detective Sipowicz from NYPD Blue. 

Extreme attention to details

Perhaps the best thing that Harry Crane does with his style is he pays attention to the little things. His watch band almost always comes close to matching his belt. His socks match his pants and not his shoes. He wears a pocket square and folds it simply so it forms a nice white line across the top of his jacket pocket. When he does wear long sleeve shirts he makes sure the sleeves are just the right length so about half and inch shoes past the jacket cuff.

These little things allow him to make some odd fashion choices and get away with them. As long as you look like you know what you're doing, no one will judge you, because they're afraid they'll look like they just don't have a clue.  


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