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How to dress like Joel McHale

Updated on September 9, 2011

Joel McHale - Style Icon?

Joel McHale can be seen weekly on The Soup mocking the various idiots on reality TV and Spanish-language soup operas. He's also known as a very good dresser, even though he doesn't really push any style boundaries and has a rather simple wardrobe. He shows it's actual quite easy to be considered stylish. McHale shows an even hipper (and more casual) side with his Jeff character on the NBC comedy "Community", but that guide will have to wait for another day.

Joel hosting The Soup
Joel hosting The Soup

The suit

Joel McHale typically wears a black or dark gray suit when hosting The Soup. This suit should be tailored and slim-fitting. Lapels should also be thin to match the width of the tie.

The shirt

Under his suit jacket, Joel wears a variety of dress shirts. I think the most common "Joel shirt" is a light pastel color, often pink or peach. Whatever color you choose, it should be subtle and not "shout" like all those bright pink shirts that frat boys wear do.

The tie

The trademark of Joel's look is the skinny tie. Sometimes he'll wear a simple black skinny tie, giving him sort of a Reservoir Dogs look, while other times he mixes it up with a gray or other dark-colored skinny tie. Very rarely does he host the show with a normal width tie.


Without the proper hair style, there's no way you can ever pull off the right Joel McHale look. He keeps his hair short, but a little longer on the top. When he's hosting The Soup his hair is always "neat" and never looks like he just got out of bed (another fashion of the times that I just don't understand). He trims his sideburns to about halfway down his ears.

How much do you love The Soup?

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