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How to dress like Joseph Gordon-Lewitt in Inception

Updated on June 4, 2011

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Dress like Joseph Gordon-Lewitt's Arthur character

Inception was the surprise blockbuster of the summer of 2010. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Lewitt, and Ellen Page, it was also one of the most stylish modern movies. That's no surprise, as the costume design was done by Jeffrey Kurland, the man behind such stylish flicks as Ocean's Eleven and Collateral. Let's take a look at his costume choices for Arthur, played by Joseph Gordon-Lewitt, who has turned into quite the fashion-forward star after growing up in front of the camera in such films as Angels in the Outfield and the TV show Third Rock From The Sun.

Joseph Gordon Lewitt and the three piece suit

Perhaps the key to Joseph Gordon-Lewitt's look in Inception is the three piece suit. He does wear a few suits that don't have the waistcoat, but the look really comes together when he adds that. The fit is perfectly tailored (all the clothing for this movie was custom made), and the waistcoat (or you can call it a vest, if you prefer) really shows of Gordon-Lewitt's slim figure while also adding some material to his midsection, which makes him look a little bigger and more able to carry an automatic weapon.

You'll note that Gordon-Lewitt goes against modern convention here and buttons his vest all the way to the bottom. This is not necessarily a fashion mistake, unlike buttoning the bottom button on a 2 or 3 button jacket. It's just a choice, and it works on someone with a slim figure like Gordon-Lewitt's.

Non-conventional suit patterns and materials

Instead of just going with a standard worsted wool suit that you'd find at Men's Wearhouse, the material used for Gordon-Lewitt's suit appears to be finer quality and the patterns are a bit more eye-popping and less boring. In some scenes he wears a light gray suit with a windowpane pattern on it. This was a wise choice, as a pinstripe pattern on someone with Gordon-Lewitt's frame would make him look like he weighs 50 pounds. 

Belt and shoes

One fashion choice seen on the Arthur character in Inception that I absolutely love is the light brown shoes and belt on the light gray suit. As it turns out, light gray and light brown go perfect together. I think most shoe companies like Allen Edmonds would refer to this color as Walnut brown. You'll want a belt that matches, which can be a little difficult because the standard brown belt is a little too dark. 


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