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How to Dress up a Pear Body : Dressing Ideas for Triangle Body Shape

Updated on July 17, 2016

How a Pear Shape Looks Like

Dressing Styles for Different Body Types

Dressing is an important aspect for all of us, especially for a woman. Women are usually very aware of their body types and what suits them better. They have to constantly manage their body shape and have to dress up according to their body shape. This is why it is very important for a woman to understand their true body shape and learn to dress that best suits it.
Women have many different body shapes. Some common types are an hourglass figure, Apple shape figure,Triangle and Banana(also known as a ruler or straight) shape figure. Here we are going to discuss the dressing sense for pear body type. I am also going to mention some of the things those you are not supposed to do if you have a triangle figure.

Kim Kardashian : A Famous Pear Shape

What is a Triangle Body Shape?

A Pear shape is one of the very common woman figure shapes. In fact, the pear shape is the most common body type for women. This type of woman usually has a heavier lower part than the upper parts. They have narrower shoulders, slimmer waist, small bust line but wider hips. This gives a natural curve of the body. Narrower upper body part and wider lower part makes a triangle in your body. Almost half of the women have such figure, so if you have a pear shape, do not worry, you are in the majority, smiles !

Pear shape woman usually has wider hips than shoulders.Usually, women's hips area is wider than shoulders, but for triangle body shape, this difference is easily noticeable. In fact, their hips measurement are more than 5 percent bigger than shoulder and bust measurement. The triangle shape can form in different sizes depending on the ration between shoulder and hips. So now as we know what is the pear body shape, let's look at some dressing tips for it.

Dressing Styles for Pear Shapes

Top 10 Dressing Tips for Pear Shape/ Triangle Shape Body

  1. Button- down Shirts: Button-down shirts looks professional and can fit your body nicely in a way to hide your heavier lower part.
  2. Line dresses: Line dresses make you looks slimmer and taller.
  3. Fitted Shirts: Fitted shirt can show a good shape of your upper body. It will bring attention to busts and shoulders.
  4. Wear Layers: Laters gives a visual appeal to your upper body and more charecters.
  5. Wide Hem: Always wear wide hem with your pants, it will keep your hips looking wider.
  6. Pants: Profesional pants with wider pants makes you look in good shape while effectively giving you a better shape.
  7. Heels: Wear heels whenever you can, it draws attention to your feet and not to hips.
  8. Neckline: Propositional neckline gives more attention to your upper body.
  9. Skirts: Wear shorter skirts but not too short. Thigh high or knee high shorts are best for Pear shape.
  10. Bootcut Jeans: When you wear jeans, wear bootcut. It is a good way to deny hips curve attention and make your look in balance.

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How to Dress Up : Dressing Style for Triangle Figure

Each individual is different and they have a different body with different figure shapes. A dress can look good on one person while it may look horrible on another person. Everyone should dress according to their figure and size.
For Pear shaped, the trick is to hide the difference between your upper part and lower part. Your outfit should be wider and looser than the upper part. You have to choose your outfits in such a way that take away attention from your lower. So you obviously can not wear outfits that show off more of your lower parts, especially hips.
So in short, your outfit should be something that can draw attention towards your upper parts and your lower parts should looks smaller.

Skirts for Pear Shape Figure

Regardless of any body type, women and girls loves skirt. Skirts are good for all body types.For pear body shape, skirt selection is very important. Pear body shape girls need to make sure to not wear very tight skirt. Tight skirt shows off your hips. Avoid any big prints and dark colors, instead choose plane skirts with light colors. This will absorb the extra bulge of hips and thighs and will take away attention. Nowadays, we can easily get skirts with fine designs and/or embroideries on the bottom parts of skirts. This kind of skirts can easily match with plan tops which is essential to get more attention towards upper parts.

Cute Dress for Pear Shape

Learn from Celebrities

There are many pear shaped celebrities and one can easily adopt their clothing style by following them. Some most famous pear curved ed celebrities are Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, America Ferrera, Kelly Clarkson etc.Although Kim Kardashian is someone who loves to show off their curves especially bottom half. But you can see the dressing style for other divas and see how cleverly they can hide extra weight of their bottom and looks more like hourglass figure.

Plane Tops for Looking Cute

A woman with triangle shape has to choose their upper part outfit in such a way that it shows your curves. For that plane tops with little fitting are necessary. If you wear vivid colors tops than it will be very helpful to get others distracted watching your bottom part. Contrasting and vivid color plane tops go well with a finely designed skirt. This dressing style also provide a fake illusion of little more height, which again a great way to show balance in your upper and lower parts.

Essential things for the Pear wardrobe.

I have pointed out some of the essentials things for triangle shaped woman. These items will keep your body looks in good balance.

  • Fit and flare dresses
  • Skirts
  • Belts
  • Bootcut and flare jeans
  • High waisted bottoms
  • Strong shoulder blazers
  • Maxi length dresses and skirts
  • Nude heels
  • Heeled boots
  • Belts, belts, belts

Don'ts for Pear Shape Women

When it comes to effective dressing for pear curve, some points you have to keep in mind.
You can not wear a top or dress with a strap on your waist. This will show your slim waist but it will also show off your bigger bottom part. This will look awful if you have considerably bigger hips than bust.
Do not wear a fine printed top with a plain skirt.This is exactly opposite of what you should do. This kind of dressing will look absurd with an even bigger bottom.
Do not wear tight skirts unless you just want to show off your bottom.


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    • ktnptl profile image

      ktnptl 3 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      thanks DDE, most women are in Pear shape so it's important to know how to dress to looks beautiful. Thanks for your comment.

    • ktnptl profile image

      ktnptl 3 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      thanks DDE, most women are in Pear shape so it's important to know how to dress to looks beautiful. Thanks for your comment.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Great tips here for a pear shaped body and that is me. I like the way you explained and the photos are perfect.