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How to dress in a stylish and cool way

Updated on September 28, 2011

Tips on How to improve dress sense

It is often said you are addressed how you dress. Very often people put on clothes they fancy not really because it fits them rather because they want to fit with it. They do this because they want to have a sense of belonging with friends, associates and even foes much to the detriment of their personal preferences. Putting on trendy clothes or fashion accessories is good but only if you are happy and totally free to make that choice and certainly not because you want to compete or fit into a social class, environment or grouping, that is highly inappropriate if you intention is to dress well. Some people think dressing well must be expensive not so, because dressing well is an art and arts are priceless.

What does it really mean to be well dressed?

To dress well means to dress in an appropriate manner that ensures you are pleased with your appearance and at the same time you enjoy the admiration or compliments of other people including other very ‘fashionable’ people. Good dressing is always neat, attractive and stylish without being extravagant or outrageous and it is largely self-determined. The things to consider when you want to dress well are;

Size and shape of clothes

First the size and shape of your clothes should be a nice match with your physical size and shape. A skinny person should avoid putting on clothes that make him look bigger than his real self as this covers his natural looks for a more artificial appearance which is not very good in projecting your personality and natural beauty.

Colour of clothes

Most times your colour combination is the decisive factor on what your dressing will eventually turn out to be. For people who love bright colours, it is advisable to wear them as tops (shirts, blouses, jackets and other upper body clothing) while darker colours are more suitable as trousers (pants), shoes and belts. Also leather material as footwear can go with almost any shirt and trouser combination.

Fashion accessories

These include chains, necklaces, bangles, watches, belts, head and wrist bands, bandanas, pearls, earrings, rings and of course the bling bling (outrageously expensive diamond, platinum or gold jewellery won more as a status symbol than a fashion accessory). These should be worn to fit the occasion like wearing a gold necklace to an audition or a diamond necklace to church isn’t appropriate for the occasion. Not forgetting that fashion accessories that fall out with clothes like a chain on a jacket is more of street fashion than stylishness.

Skin complexion and body size

Always try to put on clothes that are complimentary to your skin colour. Brighter colours compliment darker skin and vice versa.

The environment, weather and occasion

Also dressing with the weather and the environment in mind are very important things to consider when picking clothes and accessories to match. What event or place are you going to? What is your purpose or mission for attending or visiting such a place? Your dressing to work will be markedly different from one to a pub except after office hours and so on.


What hairstyle do you carry or prefer to keep? A man on dreadlocks doesn’t look very respectable in a corporate suit except if he isn’t dressing to work. In the work place, hairstyle affects your selection of clothes.

Tips on how to dress well

1. Always assess your dressing by looking at yourself in the mirror every time you dress up

2. Reading fashion magazines is useful sometimes but if you rely too much on them you risk killing your own style and ultimately your dress sense

3. Experiment with new combinations wearing this shirt with that trouser on that shoe with this belt etc to see how your new combinations improve your appearance.

4. Never forget where you are dressing to and how you should present yourself. The right clothes to wear to such places will come naturally to you.


Dressing well is an art because it is a medium of expression especially of one’s personality and attitude. So do not dress to impress, rather dress to express that is one of the great secrets of dressing well.


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