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How to enhance your beauty and looks through the natural home made bleaches?

Updated on January 24, 2013
Image source:  Wikimedia Commons
Image source: Wikimedia Commons | Source

Beauty and fashion

Beauty, good looks and complexions are some of the things that are predestined by nature. But it has been found out that the humans by the preset of their nature and behavior crave for these things irrespective of the fact whether they are men or women. It is a well accepted, that those who have a fair complexion gets easily noticed by people and they get good attention from the people too. They can attract anyone by their good and charming look. But what about those who are not as fair, beautiful or attractive? Well, they too can enhance their look, beauty and charm with the help of little understanding and following certain guidelines.

From a neutral point of view, I would say people belonging to either of the groups should take the initiative to enhance and maintain their look. Those who are naturally beautiful and have a fair complexion should also take care of their skin so that they could preserve it for a long time. Those who are not that beautiful should not feel neglected because today there are different ways through which the natural pigment of the skin could be enhanced. Let us check out the ways through which one could enhance his/her beauty so that they could enjoy their life to the maximum.


Why bleaching is important? First, because in certain regions of the world due to the natural and environmental condition there is an excess amount of melanocyte found in the skin. This is responsible for the color of the skin. The excess amount of melanocyte in the skin makes the skin look dark. The rays of the sun pass a certain amount of the cells of melanocyte to the skin to make it appear dark. Secondly, the atmospheric condition of certain regions of the world develops hair over the skin which makes even a fair complexion person appear wheatish. Apart from this, you may have noticed that during the holidays if one plans to spend his/her holidays near a seaside it gets him/her tanned. It is in these situations when bleach comes in handy as it not only helps in reducing the melanocytes but also lightens the hair of the skin with that of the color of the skin.

Types of beach

Though there are many types of bleach but broadly it could be categorized into two groups. These are natural bleach and artificial bleach. Natural bleaches are also known as home made bleaches which includes milk, curd, papaya, coconut water and some sour citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, etc. If these are used properly then they help a lot to enhance the color of the skin. Let us check out some easy available home made bleaches which would help you to enhance your look and beauty:

Milk: Milk is a very good bleaching agent. If this is used regularly, in the morning and evening, then it helps a lot to enhance the color of the skin.

Curd: There is also a very good bleaching agent in curd also like that of milk. Hence, you may use milk or curd to enhance the color of skin.

Flowers of saffron: Soak 3 to 4 saffron flowers in milk overnight. Take a piece of cotton and wet it in the milk and clean your face. It would give a glow to your face and enhance your look.

Coconut water: Washing the face regularly with coconut water not only removes the unwanted marks and scars from the skin but it also protects theskin against tanning. Hence, you may use coconut water as a bleach to revive your skin.

Papaya: Papaya is known to contain an enzyme called Pepin which is a very good bleaching agent.

Cucumber: One could also do bleaching from cucumber. Cut the cucumber into pieces and rub it lightly on your face. Besides, you may also prepare a natural home made pack from it. Take a paste of cucumber and mix half spoon of fuller's earth (Multani mitti) and half spoon of sandalwood powder. Apply the pack on your face and leave it for seven to ten minutes. You would notice the difference it makes to your skin.

Lemon: Lemon, oranges and sweet lime contains citric acid which is a very useful bleaching agent. If you want to use it then take a half spoon of lemon juice, half spoon of honey and add gram flour. Wash it after a few minutes.

Orange: Make a paste with the peels of the orange fruit. Add some milk and use it as a scrub gently. This would help to clean the skin. Alternatively, you can also gently rub the peels on your face and wash it once you are done with it.

A word for precautions

Well, there are certain cautions which you need to take care off. Never go for any bleaching when you come home from the hot sunshine outside. The proper way for it is to relax for some time so that your body temperature cools down to normal and settles to the room temperature inside. Besides, never apply any bleach directly on your skin. It would be advisable to do a small test first by applying a small amount on any part of the body. Once you are sure you are not allergic to it then only you apply it on your face. If you face any problem or irritation after the application of any bleach, then remove the same and apply an ice pack on the affected area. If you keep these simple things in your mind then you would never face any problem with bleaching.


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