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How to fix your makeup after crying

Updated on May 23, 2013
The Magic of Making Up
The Magic of Making Up

When applying make-up You don´t expect to be crying in the coming hours.

But because no one knows for sure what will happen throughout the day, and for some reason You can´t roll back the tears, learn to minimize the effects these may have on your makeup.

Do not rub or try to disguise with your fingers, wait to reach the bathroom, or at least to have a mirror nearby.

With the help of Kleenex you should clean the face gently. Soak a little handkerchiefs, even with tap water, and pass on the areas of the face that are in worse condition.

If you don´t have your makeup set to touch up, remove the dirty and run the fingertips on the face, as if to stretch the skin.

If you have any makeup, especially correction of imperfections, eyeliner and blush you can consider the situation has resolved.

Apply a little spell around the eyes, especially at the bottom. Also fix the nose if necessary. In times of crying it tends to turn red.

Put a little blush on the cheeks, eyes and eyeliner.

If you feel the skin oily, pass a paper across the face.

Take a deep breath and you´re ready again!


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