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How to get Perfect Skin in Nigeria

Updated on July 31, 2017

The Weather and My Skin

It may interest you to know that 85% of skin conditions suffered by a lot of people is as a result of terrible weather conditions, and for a country like Nigeria where the ozone layer is like a torn mosquito net, one can only expect the worse. Our facial skin is very delicate, and reacts faster to enviromental changes than the skin on all other parts of our body since it is the most exposed. You notice that when the Harmattan season comes, your face gets drier, and when it is rainy season, you just don't seem to get all that oil off! Well, this article will help you manage your skin, and get you a soft, spotless, and clear face!

Know Your Skin Type First

The first thing you would want to do is to KNOW YOUR SKIN TYPE! This cannot be overemphasized. You do not want to use the methods or products that are meant for a different skin type. Trust me, it can get really ugly. These are the questions you want to ask;

  • Do I have sensitive skin or not?
  • Do I have dry skin, oily skin, normal skin, or combination skin

After you discover your skin type and it's level of sensitivity, you are good to go!

The Cause of Your Pimple

The other first thing you also want to do is to know the cause of your pimples and acne. There are various causes of pimples such as hormones, (some women break out before, during, or after their periods), bacterias, weather, reaction to products, foods, or drugs, a sign that something is wrong with your body, and so much more. As long as the list is, it is important to have in mind that bad weather conditions and poor management worsen the condition. Knowing the true cause of your skin condition will make you fully aware of ways to fight it.

Hygiene is the Keyword

Proper hygiene should be your religion if you want a perfect face, Wash your face at least two times a day, get rid of any and every makeup before you go to bed. It doesn't matter how tired you are. sleeping with makeup on your face can ruin your face. Take a handkerchief with you wherever you go, so you don't wipe your face with dirty hands!

Wear Sunscreen!

I'm sure so many people have not even heard the words sun screen their entire lives. And so many think it is too foreign. well, guess what is also foreign; parched skin, pimples and acne fighting for space, pigmentation, discoloration, premature ageing, e.t.c So if you can have these, you can have sunscreen! The dangers of bare skin exposure to the sun are drum-full and with Nigeria's weather, drum-full is an understatement. Avoid the sun like a plague! wear sun screen even when it is not sunny. Research has shown that residues lingers even when the sun is gone and even come down with the rain!

Don't Pop That Pimple!

Pimple Poppers

There is a pimple on your forehead or your chin and just a little pop will do no harm. Well, sorry to break this to you, it will! When you pop a pimple, you enlarge your pores and push inside the bacterias lingering in that pimple you just poped! Crazy right? you thought you got it all out but in truth you just sent it back in and deeper! Leave those pimples and acne babe, popping will do more harm than good. The pimples eventually dry out on their own. It may take days or weeks but they eventually do. Just sit back and relax, and you may want to put an ice pack on it to reduce swelling.

Avoid Chemicals!

Chemicals mixed with bad weather condition is evil! Some chemicals used in producing skin care products wear off the elasticity of the skin and makes it prone to acne, sun burn, and so many skin hazards. Stick to natural remedies and even homemade if you have the time! You'll thank me later.

Skin Care Routine

Stick to your skin care routine. Don't go changing anytime you see a youtube video. Seriously, don't! A default skin care routine should look like or be similar to this;

  • Wash your face and get rid of any makeup
  • Use a face steamer to open up your pores
  • Use face mask and rinse
  • Exfoliate and rinse
  • moisturize

Welcome to the world of clear skin!

© 2017 Gold Samuel


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