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How to get Rid of Dry Skin? Here are some Home-made Remedies

Updated on December 10, 2016

People with dry skin (including me) need to take extensive care of their skin to maintain its continuous glow. Cosmetic products assure us to enhance our skin beauty by their smoothening ingredients, but some of the chemicals present in them can harm our skin and the only possible solution left is to use them on a daily basis. If we stop their use even for a day, the problem recurs.

On the other hand, using home-made products not only brightens and softens our skin but also do not harm our skin in any way possible since they do not contain any injurious ingredients.

Most of the people must be aware of this already but using cosmetic products take lesser time in comparison to the home-made products. Well, yes indeed. But we also cannot neglect the highly advantageous factors of home-made products. So, here are some ideas that we can use to get rid of dry skin. The good thing is that all these ideas are home-made and will not take much of our busy time.


Fresh Cream

Fresh Cream is the best home remedy for dry skin. Lactic acid, present in milk, is extremely beneficial for the skin. It helps in removing the dead skin and activates the faster growth of collagen. Moreover, milk is also a good source of caprylic acid, which helps in maintaining the pH balance of the body.

Additionally, cream is also considered to be a good moisturizer that plays vital role in nourishing the skin.

How to Use: Make a mixture with 2 teaspoons cream, 1 teaspoon milk and lemon juice (as per the requirement). Apply the paste, when ready, on your skin and wash it after 15 minutes.



Honey helps in fighting against dry and rough skin. It is enriched in anti-oxidant and thus, helps in controlling the anti-oxidant free radical, which is harmful for skin. Besides this, honey is filled with many vitamins and minerals that nourish the skin deeply and maintain its shine and smoothness.

How to Use: Add few drops of olive oil and 2 teaspoons honey in a bowl and make a paste. Use this paste on your skin 10 minutes before taking the bath.


Olive oil

Olive oil helps in overcoming every type of skin related problems. It consists of four main anti-oxidants (such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E and fatty acids) that play major part in moisturizing, cleaning and nourishing the skin and completely removes skin dryness.

How to Use: Make a mixture of olive oil with 1 table spoon brown sugar. Rub it on complete body and wash it after at least 15 minutes.



Milk is one of the most essential ingredients for human body. It helps in activating the body cells to boost up the outer glow. Moreover, it prevents our skin from ageing, wrinkle and spots.

How to Use: Mix 4 spoon of milk with 1 spoon of rose water and 2 drops of lemon juice. Use this mixture on the whole body and wash it after 10 minutes. This is one of the best solutions to bring glow to the skin.


Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a good source of saturated fat, protein, caprylic acid and Vitamin E. Thus, it is a good option for removing dark spots, preventing from itchiness and bringing the lost moisture to the skin. It also helps in removing the dead skin and cleaning the skin pores.

How to Use: Massage your body with coconut oil before sleeping at night.



Since made out of milk, yogurt has several benefits. It moisturizes the skin, relieves from itchiness and prevents dryness. Alike milk, it is also enriched with antioxidant.

How to Use: Apply yogurt on your skin for at least 10 minutes and then wash it.


Almond oil

Enriched with anti-oxidant, Vitamin E, A, D and B, protein, essential minerals and healthy fatty acids, almond oil is considered to be one of the best moisturizers. It helps in bringing shine and softness to the skin.

How to Use: Use warmed almond oil to massage your skin and then, wash it after half an hour.


Castor oil

Castor oil helps against stretch marks, sunburn, dark spots and dry skin. It contains collagen and elastin in high amount. Elastin is a kind of protein that strengthens the bond among the skin cells.

How to Use: Use this oil to make a layer on your complete skin before taking bath. Leave it there for at least 10 minutes and then, wash it later.

So, these are some extremely beneficial tips for moisturizing skin. I call it “extremely beneficial” because I have tried them and the results are fruitful.


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    • FelishiyaPS profile image

      Prachi Sharma 11 months ago

      Thank you RTalloni, all of the mentioned tips are tested by myself. And yes, I never heard about grape seed oil before. Thank you for sharing the information.

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 11 months ago from the short journey

      These are some useful tips. I recently discovered that grape seed oil is also a wonderful, non greasy skin soother.