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Tips on How to Achieve a Beautiful Skin?

Updated on September 13, 2013

It is in nature of humans to be vain. There is no harm in vanity, as long as you know your limitations. Good looks do not only mean a cute or handsome face but most of all, having an over-all pleasant appearance. That includes beautiful skin of course.

Aside from being noticeable, there are various benefits of having a fair and smooth skin. It is not all about standing out from the rest, it’s more about practicing proper hygiene and being healthy. Besides, having a great skin is a good sign of a healthy body.


So how does one have beautiful skin?

There is no magical potion that can be applied to the skin for an overnight change of its texture and color. Taking care of it religiously is the key to it. Except for those who are really born with porcelain skin, most of us need to exert extra-effort in achieving and maintaining it. This is not only true with women but also with men who are at present seems to be as vain as the former.

Caring of the skin does not only mean taking a bath and applying a lotion. Instead, it is a combination of steps and regular reminders that should be kept in mind. Even actors and actresses spent much of their money maintaining their looks. Yes, they pay an expensive price for it.

So here are the steps to the road leading to a proper skin care.

Best Lifestyle

A person’s lifestyle affects his or her skin too. Sleeping time should not only be enough but it must be of good quality too which means you need to sleep according to your biological clock and that is- nighttime. Sleeping during the night is way too different when doing it during the day. You must have experienced the difference already when you slept so late at night and try to patch it up by sleeping during the day. The body stays unsatisfied and restless. Smoking, drinking liquor and drugs are a no-no to skin car too.


Pay attention to what you eat

The body is designed to generate the tissues necessary for the formation of skin. It has its own mechanism of making the skin using the vitamins and nutrients available in the body. It goes to say that the kind of foods you put in your stomach shows through your skin. One who eats more fruits and vegetables that contain the right nutrients for nourishing the skin obviously will enjoy that flawless skin. Like it or not, you should stuff yourself with proper and rich diet to achieve what you long for.


Drink and drink

We are thought that water cleanses our body from the possible wastes collected with the foods we ate. The more we drink, the more we feel clean and detoxified. Needless to say, this is necessary too in caring for the skin and the whole body as well. Aside from water, indulge yourself in fruit juices too. They are healthier alternatives of soda and soft drinks.

Choose a regimen for the skin

TV ads are full of skin care products. They promise you whiter and smoother skin. They come from cheap to expensive price tags. But keep in mind that these products also have side effects with them that may include rashes and allergies. These items may or may not be effective depending on the skin type. Although the advertisements seem convincing, many people end up being frustrated on not being satisfied. A regimen for skin care does not take into consideration the use of these lotions, soaps and topical treatments. Caring for the skin is pretty simple. Take a bath, use a mild soap or foam, apply a small amount of moisturizer if necessary and just keep yourself clean and all will come together.

Take supplements

If you think you are not eating the right kind of food and has not luxury to do so because of being busy, then don’t be afraid of taking supplements. Vitamin E is available in many supplements which can be bought over the counter. Most of these vitamins are safe and some may not even require a doctor’s prescription. Beware however of fads and other supplements which are not genuine.

Don’t diagnose yourself

One of the common mistakes of people who have skin problems is that they act like professional doctors. They tend to diagnose themselves and prescribe medicines according to their own observations and analysis. This is such a dangerous habit for many. Never do this to yourself or otherwise you’ll end up ruining your skin. If you think you have a problem with your skin, do not hesitate to ask a dermatologist. Ask the experts for they are the ones who know how a skin disease is treated and the right medicines too.

Don’t forget your handkerchief

Our face is of sensitive skin. Besides, it is the one that is often exposed from dust and pollution. Keep your handkerchief always within your reach. Simple things like wiping the sweat can keep your face off dirt and other harmful elements from the environment. Washing the face from time to time is also a recommended regimen as well as using wet tissues which are specially designed for cleaning the surface of the skin.


Sometimes it also comes in a package

Carrying one’s self also affects one’s look. Once a person shows off a good smile, accompanied by a good posture and most importantly a cheerful personality, the skin seems to glow too. This is particularly true among women. No matter how great your skin is or how fair you are, it would not matter if you just sulk in the corner, hide yourself and frown all the time. This is why there are many people whose charm shines out because they know how to carry themselves well especially when socializing with others. So, it always pays to wear a smile and a positive aura. Who knows who you will meet along the way

© 2013 Lanao G


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      Anny 2 years ago

      I cannot tell a lie, that really heeldp.

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      Deandra 2 years ago

      I'm imsdseper. You've really raised the bar with that.

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      Lanao G 4 years ago from Ozamiz City, Philippines

      Thank you...Glad you like the hub.

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      Susan 4 years ago from India

      Great post. Thanks for sharing. Voted up.