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How to get a glowing sun looking skin with or without self tanning products

Updated on July 25, 2011

skin care products for an healthy tan

Would you go for a pale skin in the summer? No way!!, Usually in this season every one would rather go for a glowing bronze skin. Especially this year a tan, faked or not, is in fashion more than ever, due to Katherine Middleton and sister Pippa, who, during the Royal Wedding, sported a really sun kissed looking skin that lighted up a natural and healthy beauty. Most recently surveys show that women love to have a tan all year around supported by an increase of sales in fake tan lotions and products.

However spending time under the sun means speeding up the ageing process not to mention the risk of developing skin cancer. So what to do? Either you can go for a fake tan or, if you like to soak up under the sun, do it safely . In this article we would explore both the options and in either way you will get your perfect golden skin.

Stay protected and safe under the sun.

First let me tell you something: sun is good for your health as the principle source of Vitamin D that is a vital supplement for keeping a number or diseases at bay . Although cold liver oil, milk and other supplements are good sources of Vitamin D, sun light is the best Vitamin D provider. A number of diseases have been linked to lack of Vitamin D which seems extremely effective to fight against prostate cancer, multiple sclerosis, brest colun kidney and ovarian cancer. However the rise of melanoma cancer has been linked to the exposition of the skin to the sun. Wether or not sunbathing is something you should avoid altogether is still controversial but a number of studies seem to suggest a moderate exposition to the sun is overall beneficial for our health. Contrary of the mainstream media telling us that sunbathing it is bad, not getting enough sun light can seriously damage our health. So go on and get your tan that will protect you against some very nasty diseases.

The Golden Rules

Sun: when not to expose the skin.

  • Avoid the hottest hours of the day. If you are planning an holidays in the Mediterranean sea or Caribbean sea, it is advisable to sunbathe during the morning and avoid the early afternoon hours. Between 9 and 12pm is good but between 12 and 4.30 definitely not. Some nasty type or solar rays (UVA and UVB) are the culprit of skin cancer and they seems to be quite intense during the hottest part of the day. Especially if you have pale skin type, make sure to avoid the sun during the middle on the day.
  • Do not burn and start to sunbathe gradually: the skin has to gently get used to the sun in order to develop a gorgeous tan without itching and becoming uncomfortable.

  • Use a sun screen protection cream on your skin and apply it frequently making sure to cover all your body. Pinz Buin is a leader on the market and they have a range of sun lotion from SPF 15 to 50+ that are quickly absorbed by the skin without leaving marks.
  • If you have sensitive skin which become red very easyly try to use a sunscreen that is also moisturising. Soltan sun lotion has been designed to prevent irritation, skin burn and overall protecting your skin from damages. The entire range of creams included face moisturising suncare, a protection specifically designed for the little one and sprays with high protection if you prefer these to the creams.
  • Saint Tropez SPF50 is a product designed to stimulate melanin production to boost your tan with a good protection. It also contains antioxidant and hydrating factors that will soothe and nourish the skin.
  • Prepare your body for the sun by eating tomatoes. In fact studies have found that tomatoes not only are an excellent anti-oxidant but the licopene contained in tomatoes that is responsible for the red colour, prevent nasty UVA agents to burn the skin. The solar ultra violet rays are responsible for accelerating the ageing process. By eating tomatoes you protect your skin like slapping a factor 1.3 sun lotion cream. Cooked tomatoes are apparently even better than raw tomatoes. In fact they contain more licopene. So eat a pizza before exposing your skin to the sun, it would certaintly help.

  • Water: take with you always a bottle of water and drink often under the sun. This would help to replenish the skin as it loses liquids fast under the sun.
  • Take with you a pair of good sunglasses: eyes are particularly sensitive to the sun especially green and blue eyes. Ultra violet rays can damage the cornea and the retina, especially if the light is reflexing off by for instance the sea water. A good pair of sunglasses can provide a good protection against blur blocking sum reflections bouncing back from specific surfaces. It is important to choose a good pair of sunglasses rather than going for the cheap one. The biggest problem with the latest categories is that the lens are manufactured with plastic while the expensive one are made with special glasses that provide all the protection listed above.
  • Take always with you a good hat to avoid overheating. Be aware to stay protected even if it is cloudy. Do not be fool by a grey day. Particularly in the early summer one can think to avoid to apply creams and protection because of that but it is not actually the case. From April to September there is still the chance to get burn even in UK.

Once you have follow this guideline and enjoy the sun as much as you want.

Self Tanning

Enjoy a bronze glowing looking skin all year around.

For those who don’t like the idea to expose the skin to the sun or are not taking an holidays but still enjoy to have a glowing smooth bronze skin, the market offers a wide range of options. The safest way to have a tan without taking the sun is out of a bottle. Take for instant an award winning tanning formula, Famous Dave’s Tanning Mousse that comes with plenty of natural ingredients too and it is instantly asbsorbed by the skin. It gives you a tan in less than 3 hours. Wow!!

For those who loves spray here it comes Loreal Sublime Bronze Express Pro. The ultra-wide micro diffuser sprays for a smooth result that really give you your skin this glowing and golden effect.

Makebelieve self tan Foaming Mousse another products that develop a no streaks tan and it works within four hours.

For those who like natural skin care there are a range of self tanning products that use natural ingredients and are also very moisturizing with plenty of nutrients like for instance Vani T self tan from Green stop. This product is a daily moisturizer with a hint of active tanning ingredient (DHA) that gradually build up your tan but allow you to extend and control the depth of your tan. It contains plenty of natural ingredients like Calendula, Aloe Vera, and powerful anti-oxidants like Green tea and Vitamin A. This product claims also of being free from artificial coloring, fragrances and petrol or chemicals.

In conclusion it is possible to have a natural tan exposing the skin gradually and safely to the sun and we might also boost our health as well as get a bronze natural looking skin. However if the for a number of reason you would rather go for a self tanning without sun, there are a range of products on the market that will help to achieve this result. Either way you choose always good quality products and make sure to protect and nourish your skin in the process.


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