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How to get distressed, damaged hair back to being healthy

Updated on October 24, 2011
Hair is stressed and horribly damaged, its starting to split
Hair is stressed and horribly damaged, its starting to split

Beauty the Professional Way

Is your hair severely damaged? Have you over processed your hair with constantly coloring it, lightening, chemical relaxers, perming, or Thermal styling?

Modern times have changed hair entirely from relaxing hair to lightening to a platinum blonde. With all these changes being done to hair, after a while you're hair can and will become distressed and damaged, if not properly taken care of and use at home products with not understanding the basis of how to correctly use the product..

With any chemical change to hair, which ranges from coloring, de-colorizing (Lightening), relaxing, and perming. It can damaged hair after a while. I explain what each of these terms are and then state how to get damaged hair back to healthy and beautiful.

Coloring and De-colorization/Lightening. Coloring hair can be damaged if not done properly. At home color isn't the best, due to the fact of the lack of conditioners in the liquid color. Since liquid base color, isn't anything like a creme base color where its thicker and obtains conditioning agents. You also do not know, what volume(percentage) of developer(catalyst) is used in box colors. As in any permanent hair coloring, there is ammonia in it. Ammonia lifts the hair and swells the hair shaft. So over use of hair coloring can damage the cuticle.

De-colorization/Lightening. This is also known as bleaching the hair. When lightening the hair, it hair color goes through different levels of hair color, if you have dark hair lets say a level 3, which would be a dark brown- lightening your hair to a level 9- you hair color will under go several levels to get to a level 9. While your hair is going through these stages, it may not get to the blonde that you want, and more than likely have orange or brassiness. And if you repeatedly Lighten you hair, without giving your hair proper time in between lightening your hair in stages, what happens is the bleach breaks down the protein in your hair, and after lightening your hair again, you are over lapping the lightener over the previously de-colorized hair. This will eventually cause the hair to break down, causing breakage and hair to feel and look like straw (hay).

Chemical Relaxers and Perming. Sodium Hydroxide is a chemical relaxer used for ethnic hair. It derives from lye. It is used to straighten ethnic hair. It is damaging due to the the high alkalinity in the relaxer. Perming and even straightening hair with Ammonia Thiogycolate is damaging as well. With heat added to the hair, and if hair isn't permed right with fish hooks, it can cause split ends.

Thermal Styling. Oh the tools you use on your hair, Flat ironing, Air forming aka blow drying, curling iron. Over usage of heat, is damaging to your hair. Heat makes the hair porous, Can cause split ends, fry your beloved locks.

And then there is the myth of combing your hair wet. You can comb and brush your hair while its wet. There is a thing in the beauty industry called wet designing. When you get your hair cut, your hair is usually wet, and your hair dresser combs while its wet. The only thing that can be damaging if combing and brushing your hair, is starting from the top. When brushing or combing your hair, you always start from the ends. If you start from the top, you can create tangles, which causes stress on your hair, and tangles are damaging. So start from the bottom then work up and once you worked all the way up, you can comb from the top then to the ends.

Now, you're wondering on how to get your hair back to being healthy after all the abuse it has taken from you. You are in a dire need for a scalp treatment. And the one that will help restore, the damaged hair is a PROTEIN TREATMENT. A protein treatment, is going to restore the missing protein in your hair. And you should always do a protein treatment weekly. Always do a protein treatment But for the severely damaged hair, especially from lightening your hair, you are going to want to do a protein treatment every other day or every two days. And switch between protein and moisture therapy for your hair.

There are shampoos that help restore the protein in damaged hair. As well as conditioners. Protein treatments themselves are conditioners, that you use as a deep hair masque. A few brands i like for protein treatments are: Paul Mitchell's Hair Repair Treatment, Malibu's Miracle Repair, Redken's CAT, and Healthy Sexy Hair is also a great line from Big Sexy Hair. A lot of their products has soy and cocoa in it, which is nourishing. They also have a hair repair serum, which is made from Coconut oil and Aragon oil in it. Aragon Oil is extememly nourishing, and doesn't leave blonde brassy when applied to hair. Coconut oil is beneficial to your hair as well.

Also when doing thermal styling, always use a heat guard, for example- Chi's Iron Guard, or Paul Mitchell's seal and shine. These type of products help protect the hair from any heat from the blow dryer, flat iron, and curling iron. And helps protect your hair from the sun's rays as well. Also use some type of oil to help tame the frizzes, i like using Organix Coconut Oil before flat ironing my hair, since coconut oil is good for your hair, and leaves it shiny and soft, plus it smells great too! There is also other brands you can try, like John Frieda, Paul Mitchell, Ion. Plenty of brands to try out, find one you like.

If you use these methods, you're hair will definitely be back on track to being healthy again.

Any questions, feel free to message me :)

Take Care

Jessica Ruthless


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