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How to get gold glitter glam look (G3 look)

Updated on March 6, 2015

Dress with gold sequins

Eye makeup

  1. Draw the outline and shade the area of your eyelid with some dark eye shadow. apply some nude shade on the center of your eyelid.
  2. Merge the eye shadow with a brush. Then apply gold glitter from the start of your eye till the mid area.
  3. Apply fine line of eyeliner.
  4. Then add one more layer of gold glitter to the eyelid.
  5. Glamorize your look by applying maskara to your upper eyelashes.

Eye Makeup tutorial


  1. You can apply a nude shade and cover the tips of the nails with gold glitter.
  2. Fine glitter looks good when applied evenly.
  3. Glitter gel is also a nice option but don't overdo it.

Glittery nails

Pink nails with gold glitter
Pink nails with gold glitter

Magic of gold sequins

  • Gold sequins can add charm to your dress. Here I'm going to tell you the wide range of clothes on which you can have gold sequins.

A pretty gown

What you need to do is select a plane gown of any fabric you desire then select a design of your own and - stitch those gold sequins on your design.

- If you can not stitch them by your self, got them stitched in some boutique.

Now your gown is ready to wear with your own idea and your own piece of design.

Gold sequin gown

A short dress

  • Now you can get a million dollar look without spending that much amount of money.
  • Select a piece of fabric. Georgette works best with sequins. Then get it stitched with your choice of neck designs.
  • Add gold sequins wherever you want.
  • A sexy short dress is ready.

Short dresses with gold sequins

Pencil skirt

  1. If you are tired of wearing your regular pencil skirt then no need to worry.
  2. Apply glue on one side of your skirt. Put Gold sequins all over it and then let it dry.
  3. Turn it around and repeat the same process.
  4. A whole new pencil skirt is ready to wear.

Sequin skirt


  • You can turn your summer shorts in to your night-party shorts.
  • All you have to do is add some gold sequins to it.

Sequin shorts

Accessorize your look in gold sequin clothes with these

With gowns, short dresses and skirt
Jacket, Shorts
Gold drop earrings
stud earrings
Statement earrings(only if you are willing to wear)
Gold Bracelet (any other metal can also do) or some bangles
Neck piece if required
funky ring
*These pieces of jewelry are my choices for these particular clothes. You can experiment with the look with your own set of accessories.

Gold sequin tops

  • You can get a cool look by pairing it up with a pair of jeans and jacket.
  • And the hot look comes automatically when you pair it up with a black pencil skirt. And remember you have to wear a tight fitting top in this case.

Sequin tops

Gold sequin jacket

Glam up with this jacket. Wear your regular dress and multiply the Oomph factor with gold sequin jacket

Sequin jacket

In which way would you like to highlight your cheek bones in a gold sequin dress?

See results


When it comes to Indian attire, saree is the most counted one. These Manish Malhotra designs can show you how sequins can add charm to a piece of cloth.

Sequin saree

Sequin footwears

Whether it be Sneakers or Stilettos, you can look wonderful by pairing them up with the right dress.

Gold sequin footwears


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