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How to get rid of Cracked Heels?

Updated on December 10, 2016

During winter season, people are covered from top to bottom and focus their attention mainly on face, hair and hands, but it is worth mentioning that most of them suffer from cracked and rough heels that may even result into pain and bleeding, sometimes. This happens because of the dry air and lack of moisture in the skin.

Moreover, if heels are not washed properly then the dirt that gets collected in that area stop the blood flow and results into cracks, which may even cause infection. On the other hand, even the lack of calcium can cause the darkening and cracking of heels. People suffering from diabetes have higher chances of cracked heels.

To prevent such problems, here are some valuable suggestions that can surely help to a great extent:


Maintain their Cleanliness Every Day

Before sleeping at night, drench your feet in boiled water having a mixture of salt and shampoo for at least 20 minutes. The hot water helps in removing the dead skin and makes them soft. After this, rub your feet either with pumice stone or heel scrubber. You must never use metal scrubber for removing hard skin from your feet. After washing, massage your feet with night cream and cover them with cotton cloth. You can also wear socks. In this manner, your heels will turn soft and there will be extremely less chances of cracks and bleeding. Follow this routine at least once a week. If you feel pain in your heels, then you must contact a doctor.


Moisturize your Heels

Moisturizing the skin is an important factor to prevent dryness and cracks. For this, make it a daily habit of washing your heels at least twice a day with cold water. Please note that the water need to be cold, since using boiled water can open the skin pores and after a while they may get blocked by dirt. You should massage your Heels before taking bath. For this, you can use olive oil or mustard oil. Mustard oil is considered to be a good option for massaging during winter season, while olive oil can be used in any season. Make sure you are using warmed oil for massaging.


Nourish your Feet

For soft heels, it is important to put a mask on them. It helps in providing nourishment to the skin. To make a mask for your feet, mesh a banana and add few drops of lemon juice to it. Apply a thick paste of this mask on your feet and cover them with a foil paper. After 15 or 20 minutes, wash your feet with boiled water. As a result, your feet will become soft and warm.


Remove Dead and Hard Skin

Removing dead skin is the most important step to get rid of cracked heels. For this, add some sugar to almond oil and use it over the dead skin. It will eliminate all the dead skin from your feet. Remember that, you should scrub your feet with a light hand. The oil not only keeps your feet warm but also makes them fresh and beautiful. Besides these, you can also use honey for scrub. The daily use of scrub for cleaning feet helps the heels to stay soft and free from cracks, especially during winter season.

Besides the problem of cracked heels, most of us suffer from many other problems during winter season as well:


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