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How to get rid of dark circles Under Eye

Updated on April 2, 2011

Dark Circles Treatment

Getting Rid of the Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Dark circles under the eyes have become very common among people of different ages. Even in teenagers dark circles are commonly found. There are varuious reasons for the dark circles. As we look more on the eyes when we converse with people dark circles become readily visible and they offset our appearance and looks. Getting rid of dark circles is not an easy task. Once appeared they are difficult to remove but it also depends on the reaon they are formed. If dark circles have been formed due to lak of one or two nights sleep or too much fatigue on any day, they will easily fad out. On the other hand if you develop habit of late night sleep or alchohol and drugs etc than dark circles will become much more permanent and difficult to remove. Patience is required to get rid of them. Once you start any therapy or medication to remove them you have to be very consistent and should take the treatment in proper timely manner.

Reasons for Dark Circles:

For the treatment of dark circles its better to know the reason prior to choosing any medication.

Some times we develop habit of late night sleep and then we get up early because we have to attend college, university or office. Otherwise insomnia or depressioon can also become reason for poor sleeping pattern. ith poor sleep dark circles appear under the eyes. As you make it a routine the dark circles become permanent and darker and difficult to remove. Thios is the most common reason for dark circles.

  • Poor Nutrition:

Skin needs a balance of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients to grow and to look fresh. Lack of any one vitamin or mineral can cause skinn tm dark circles around the eyes. Often people take too much fast food and avoid eating fresh vegetables and fruits. Fast food contains zero nutrients and they cause secretion of oils on the skin which clogs pores and accumulate on the skin as a result the skin become darker.

A healthgy adult should drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. This does not include juices or milk that we take as part of our diet. People who are often involved in straneous tasks should take more than 8 glasses to compensate for loss of water from body. People who drink less readily get dark circles under the eyes. Water flushes awy the oil, dirt, dust and dead skin from our skin; therefore, a proper intake of water is crucial for healthy looking skin and eyes.

  • Alchohol or Drug Intake:

Excessive alchohol or drug consumption too can become a reason for darkened skin under the eyes.

  • Skin Pigmentation:

Skin pigmentation can also be the reason for darkened skin under the eyes. Skin pigmentation can occur due to many reasons for example too much exposure to sun or poor diet etc. In such case the person should consult a dermatologist.

  • Allergies:

Sometimes skin darkens because of skin allergies. These allergies can be seasonal for example fever, nasal congesion or pollen grains allergy etc and these allergies can also be due to some other reasons directly related to skin. Avoidance is the key to get rid of dark circles if the reason behind them is any allergy.

How to get Rid of Dark Circles:

To get rid of dark circles first you have to assess the reason you are having them, then, you have to apply anyone of the appropriate solution suggested below but still if you do not get satisfactory results than consult a dermatologist.

  • Natural Remedies:

Natural remedies aest to start with because if dark circles have been occured due to minor reasons than they willl be easily removed from natural treatments. Secondaly, natural treatments have least side effects and easy to apply. Most of the ingredients of natural treatments are available in every household.

Cucumber Paste: Cucumber is available in almost every kitchen. Cucumber can be used in the form of slices or in the form of paste. Either make paste of cucumber in the blender by adding a little of water or slice it and apply it on the dark circles. Let it for 10 to 15 minutes and then remove it with a wet cotton swab. Repeat it for as many days as you get rid of the dark circles.

Potato Paste: Make potato paste in the blender and apply it onn hk circles. Leave the paste for 10 to 15 minutes and remove with cotton swab. This will cause darkened area to get lighten in color.

Drink Plenty of water to get rid of dark circles.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables to consume all vitamins and minerals required to have healthy skin.

  • Multi vitamin mineral Supplements:

Supplements are prepared in such a manner that they contain recommeded dietry allowance for vitamins and minerals. People who cannot consume fresh fruits and vegetables can take these supplements. Supplements though can never replace natural fruits and vegetables.

  • Adequate Sleep:

Get adequate sleep as inadequate sleep is also a reason behind dark circles. Determine your sleep yourself. Sleep time depends on your activities, woours and lesiure routine. Along with proper sleep take some time out for relaxing so that you cn release stress.

  • Medication:

In case none of the above mentioned remedies are effective go and consult a dermatologist and he/she will recommend you medicines.


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      Knew several of these reasons but not others, thanks for this hub.