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How to get rid of dark spots on your legs

Updated on August 10, 2012


The easiest way to get rid of those dark spots is to exfoliate your legs regularly. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells that can reveal new skin. :) Your dark spots may fade in time. :)


This green peeling oil will peel away your skin so you should be careful using this. Use small amounts and read the instructions carefully OR you can get it done by a professional. You can go to derma centers and pay extra but it will be worth it. You will see changes in your legs after the peeling period. :)


You can also use naturally made ingredients that can be found in your home. Olive Oil is one of them. You can use Olive Oil with honey and rub them on your legs and let it settle for about half hour and then wash off. You can do this before you go to bed. :) You can also use Vitamin E Oil. This lightens your skin and also moisturizes your legs. When it comes to plants/vegetables you can use Aloe Vera or mashed cucumber to apply on your legs. :)


All in all the methods you will do will take some time. If you don't see results after 1 week don't get disappointed as the healing is really a slow process. Take 1 month to try a routine and if it does not work try the other methods. Our skin is ever changing and we don't really know what's best for it so you really have to experiment. As they say, try to try until you succeed! :) Good luck girls! :)


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    • profile image

      anastasia 3 years ago

      Nice post. I've been using invicible scars for my spots and it effectively worked for me. Do you know about it?

    • profile image

      imra 3 years ago

      thank you so much and how to get rid from marks of itches???