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How to get rid of the extra fat below your chin

Updated on December 19, 2012

Many people wonder how they can get rid of that ugly unwanted fat below their chin. Now the double chin is usually common in people who are overweight, or have gained and lost a lot of weight. Yes, dieting and losing weight in general may temporarily resolve this issue. However, it is important to also focus on that particular area of your face as well.

You might consider using some tightening or anti aging cream to remove any skin that is hanging from your face. Anything that dries your skin somewhat is also good. For instance, if you like to use acne medication and face powder, please do not stop. There is nothing worse than seeing one of those people who not only have a double chin, but on top of that have acne on that fatty area and a whole lot of oil. I mean you can cut it off and fry it if you get really hungry!

Seriously though, you have to take care of your face in general. Wearing makeup usually will make your face look thinner in general. If you apply a bronzer, the darker shade will make the fat look less flabby. Also, you might want to visit the beach and tan your face a bit. The tan will melt away some of that fat and give you a darker complexion which will automatically make you look five pounds thinner. No wonder all the chicks on Jersey Shore are obsessed with tanning. With all the alcohol they consume I guess they need it.

Ofcourse, if you cannot get rid of the fat naturally, you can consider lazer fat removal. This is a fairly painless procedure which will make you look instantly younger and thinner. So if you have the wallet for it, maybe you can reward yourself for good behavior this year and take care of that saddle bag below your face.

Some people may also consider injecting a small amount of botox into the area to make it look tighter. I am not a fan of injecting any type of poison into my body even in small quantities. However, not everyone shares my opinion so this may be a viable option for some people.


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