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How to go from brown to blonde

Updated on June 29, 2017

Dying hair at home

We all know about the costly trips to the salon and why we would consider just doing it ourselves. For one , some people who go to the salon have experienced horror stories about their hair. It could be a brassy hair coloring, hair cut off too short , or even hair burned out by bleach or perm. If you have cons of going to the salon and doing it at home , both being risky, why not just save the money? I am not saying don't go to a salon but do your research on the salon and hairdressers for the best possible results.

damaged blonde hair


Things you shouldn't do

*How to prevent over processing hair - This is the top cause of damaged hair and stunted hair growth. Most people think that their hair isn't growing yet they need to retouch their roots. Your hair is growing but you are not seeing the length because the ends are constantly breaking off. Some things that are damaging hair is heat ( flat irons, blow dryers) , not applying a perm that right way, continuously re dyeing or bleaching hair. Most dyes contain ammonia and peroxide as while as hair bleach which as you may hear will "fry" your hair. This is what causes dryness and breakage.

  • Deep condition
  • Take breaks from heat
  • Get rid of dead , split, thin, straggly ends
  • Keep hair moisturized
  • Avoid high manipulation hairstyles
  • Take biotin or multivitamins
  • Exercise
  • Co-wash hair

* To co-wash is to actually replace to shampooing hair and using a conditioner instead. Shampoo contains drying effects from the ingredient sulfate(s) . This will still cleanse the hair without drying it out , instead it adds moisture.

How to get rid of brassy hair


How to get rid of brassy hair / Avoid brassy hair

When trying to achieve a blonde hair color from a dark color such as brown or black the hair tends to turn orange, red, or yellow. What most people is missing from bleaching is a toner.If you don't want to bleach, for the best results use a permanent ash blonde color to lift the dark color. The ash will cancel red, orange, and yellow tones.

How to care for blonde hair / bleached hair

  • Use a deep conditioner once a week
  • Try to co-wash if you need to shampoo
  • Cut down on heat ( flat irons, blow dryer, curling wand) - If you do use a heat protectant
  • Care for your ends and keep hair moisturized
  • If you do use a shampoo , use a purple shampoo made for blonde hair
  • Use a leave in conditioner

* The main thing is to really pamper your hair from all the process that has happened. Try to start a hair routine so you can guarantee the best health of your hair in this new state.

Determining the tone of blonde you want


Hair tones and skin color

Cool (Pale skin)
Neutral ( olive skin)
Warm (Brown/Tan skin)
Platinum blonde
Sandy blonde
Honey blonde
Ash blonde
Dirty blonde
Golden blonde
Light blonde ombre
Dark Ash ombre
Balayage ombre
Examples hair colors for different skin tones. If the blonde is too overwhelming try keeping your roots dark creating a gradient effect.

hair highlight ideas (dirty blonde)


hair colors for skin tones


Highlights and lowlights at home

If you don't want one flat color adding highlights and lowlights can add beautiful dimensions to the hair making it appear more natural. When adding dimension to the hair you don't want skunk stripes but subtle sun-kissed looking features. Also you don't want your lowlights to be extremely darker than the base color, in this case blonde, the same goes for highlights you don't want something extremely light.

Things you'll need


Old towel

Hair dye ( Light blonde shade , dark blonde shade)

Vaseline ( to protect skin)

Highlight cap (found online and in most stores/ beauty supplies)

Once you have a few strands out at the top for highlights and bottom more or few strands for lowlights you will wait the amount of time required. Make sure the highlights are around the face.

Shades of blonde

What shade of blonde do you want or have?

See results


I am not a professional or hair colorist. Please do this at your own risk , I am not guaranteeing this is the results you will get . Also try speaking to a well known hair colorist that you can trust and have seen their work. Be sure to leave your experience in the comments below if you wish.

How to go from brown to blonde at home


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    • woahthere profile image

      Dot 10 months ago from USA

      Use an ash blonde and just to be safe buy a toner if you want a cooler color.

    • profile image

      mrs m walker 10 months ago

      can you please tell me what colour of blonde to put on mousy brown roots I want it a cool blonde colour thank you