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Tips For Growing Long Healthy Hair Fast!

Updated on March 28, 2016

I have been growing my hair out for approx 4 years now. I have always loved the thought of having that long, healthy, thick hair that i used to see all over my social networking sites.... and i think I've finally got there. It takes commitment, and tonnes of patients (On average hair grows half an inch a month.) I have strung together a list of the things that helped my hair grow and become healthy!!!!!

1- Cut the current damage away

TRUST ME i know its annoying to hear.... your trying to grow out your hair so why cut it? Well, it will only set you back if your hair is damaged already. It will appear to slow the rate of growth because the ends are snapping away 24/7. Have you ever brushed your hair with a dark or light flat surface beneath and there has been so much tiny fall out? Split ends are SO brittle and are always snapping of from the rest of your hair, the sooner they are gone the better. See it as a way of starting fresh, grit your teeth and just get the damage cut of!!!!!

2- Oil Treatment

I cannot stress this enough. I honestly think this has saved my hair and scalp. Coconut oil is LOADED with vitamins, minerals and tonnes of other nutrients essential for hair growth and health. Not to mention it is also anti-bacterial so can really help with a number of scalp conditions. Most hair products like your standard drug store conditioner or hair mask just coat the hairs surface, where as coconut oil is made up of fatty acids and due to its chemical structure it can actually penetrate deep into the cortex of the hair strand, delivering all these nutrients and essential vitamins that can help mend split ends while making your hair soft and shiny!

The oil needs to be extra virgin and raw, (yes unfortunately this means the most expensive kind) but it is so worth it. Personally i have found the best way is to melt the coconut oil in the oven for a few minutes on a low heat, then apply to dry hair (WARNING! You may get lots of fall out in your hand... this is perfectly normal these strands come out your hair all the time) I then wrap my hair up in a bun with an old scrunchy and place a old top around my head and( look like a right weirdo) before leaving this treatment on overnight and by morning i shampoo twice and do a light condition and my hair is very very very good to go and feeling silky and shiny. However, you can also just apply it for a few hours, the longer the better. There is not strict rules to this method just make sure you wash it out well after. (You may want to wash the coconut oil out your hair asap in the morning as after a while it does not have the most pleasant smell... )

3- Regular but small trims

Regular small trims will help you in getting long healthy hair. This is because it won't change the length of your hair but will get away them nasty split ends which over time will travel up the hair shaft. To be honest, i do not go to hair dressers- I am simply to cautious of putting someone else hands in charge of my hair haha. It is the most easiest thing to give your hair a small trim every so often at home, but make sure you DO NOT use any scissor type, apart from proper hair scissors. I use ones i purchase online that are a reasonable price and work perfectly without damaging the hair further, you can also get some decent ones from your drug store. (scissors used to cut things other than hair are usually very very blunt and almost 'dent' the hair shaft and therefore cause damage to the hair.) I do small trims to my hair every 2 months or so to keep it growing in good condition, however if i do notice it is more damaged at a certain time i will trim more often.

What you use and when you use it matters

I must have so many different shampoo's and conditioners in my cupboards, and some could argue that they are roughly all the same product just in different bottles. Contrary to this i have found that natural is better. Some people use baking soda or apple cider vinegar for shampooing, you should research more on this if you are interested. As long as your shampoo is not over drying, and your conditioner is moisturising, this is pretty much it.

Leave in conditioners are a must, for me anyway. I never go without using a leave in conditioner and i really feel they make a difference to my hair health. My all time favourite leave in is the ultimate blends sleek perfecting oil, this is enriched with coconut oil and this is why i like it so much. It seals in moisture and makes my hair SO soft after applying.

Another HUGE tip i can give anyone who wants healthier hair is TO NOT WASH SO OFTEN. Even if your hair gets greasy in a day, if you did leave it longer your hair WILL adapt and eventually be able to last longer without looking dirty. Remember- each time you wash your hair you strip it of its natural oils and these should be given a chance to regulate and build up again. This oils are for moisturising hair anyway. I wash my hair every 3-4 days, this is a perfect length for me and often i could leave it longer.

0 Heat!

I thought id leave this one till last because it is the most boring and obvious topic, everyone must know this. Heat damages hair!!!! It makes it brittle and week, split ends start splitting away and hair length decreases or increases but very slowly. Try to ditch all heat for a while- even if you just reduce it by not using it 2 days a week. You hair will thank you with great results. If i do need to blow dry my hair then i make sure the setting is on cold to reduce damage. I often plait my hair and style buns or pony tails when I'm having bad hair days.


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