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How to grow your natural hair.. FAST!

Updated on June 17, 2016


Drinking water everyday is very essential to hair growth. A healthy body leads to healthy hair.


Using water and natural hair products everyday are great ways to trigger hair growth. Think of your hair as a beautiful sunflower you're trying to grow. You would water it, and give it the nutrients it would need to grow. You should use that same method with your hair.


Taking a vitamin everyday can trigger hair growth. As stated before, a healthy body is a happy body, and you'll see those results you've been longing for.

Healthy and Balanced diet

Back at it again with the health tips! I can't stress enough how much a healthy body can help you with a healthy and productive natural hair journey.

Protective Styles

Braids and weaves can also help with hair growth. But remember, you still have to moisturize your hair in those styles!

Love your hair!

Your natural hair is your new baby. You need to nurture, love, and care for it. Effort and attention is what your natural hair need to shine in all its natural glory!


Your hair will not grow 8 inches in one week, no matter how many biotin pills you take, or growth methods you try, or Ads you see on YouTube. It's a slow, but rewarding process. Don't worry, your hair will grow!


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