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How to improve your physique excess fat skinny but Ai Phuong

Updated on June 24, 2016

3 sessions per week gym, swimming stress and apply dietetic nutrition starch is not secret to Ai Phuong owns slim physique, charm.
Owning beautiful voice, inspiring, vocalist born in 1989 quickly noted the audience with songs like Lonely, I see yellow flowers on green grass, Trot love, ...

Before keen affinity with singing, award contracts Ai Phuong Vietnam Supermodel 2011. So vocalist Loneliness subject no less pressure, especially with prejudice "beautiful singing". She did not choose the path to developing noisy, but step by step, slowly, surely on the path of music.

Endearing appearance, slim physique as well as one of the important factors Ai Phuong more loved by audiences. Here is sharing the secrets of Ai Phuong keep fit at the same

I heaviest moment kg.Tuy 56, only after 30-45 days to change the diet, my weight dropped to 53-54 kg. 3 within my measurements are 86-61-91 cm present . I have not really happy with my body and still be classified as skinny fat, ie body condition but insufficient skinny, fat lot longer.

My work schedule so erratic regular practice can not go as expected. To reduce fat and increase muscle, I always try to maintain a set schedule an average of 2-3 sessions / week. If busy or away on business performance, upon returning, I will set the date of the outstanding compensation.

I mostly especially the gym and exercises for the abdomen, buttocks, thighs. Each session lasts about 90-120 minutes. Then I'll swim to reduce stress and help the body more comfortable.

No Starch Diet for fear of memory loss
I do not apply a strict diet because of the high intensity work should always sober, healthy enough to sing well, move comfortably.

I restrict the use of starches and sugars, but not "rule" Full toan.Voi own experience, I think this job is not conducive to health, by the lack of starch will cause memory impairment.

I cultivated the habit, comfort eating breakfast, but lunch and dinner will choose other dishes instead of starch.

Besides, I created the habit of drinking more water. Besides water, replenishes me through vitamins, juice, vegetable soup ... I absolutely do not use fizzy drinks and sugar.

Sleep, I sleep all the time enlisting possible. I frequently lose sleep, so always try to arrange for themselves never stay up late. Often staying up late, lack of sleep causes stress hormones increase. This will make you feel fresh appetite. This habit will seriously affect physique


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