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How to know the difference between an eyebrow wax and eyebrow design

Updated on October 19, 2008

Eyebrow wax vs eyebrow shaping vs eyebrow design

Groucho Marx, Brooke Shields, and Ernie and Burt from Sesame street all have eyebrows that grab your attention. Their eyebrows are known to be thick and full. It may be the the worst nightmare or an absolute dream to be able to work with thick and full eyebrows,depending on the esthetician.

Typically, the thicker and fuller the eyebrow, the more potential there is to be able to shape and design the brow to nicely frame the face and eyes. Obviously, it the eyebrow is pencil thin, there is very little, if anything, that can be done to change the shape of the brow.

It may be just semantics, but there are some differences between the eyebrow wax and eyebrow shaping. Eyebrow design usually is used interchangeably with eyebrow shaping.

A simple eyebrow wax is just that.

*No consultation -No to little communication of what the client wants or what the esthetician may suggest. This happens quite frequently if the client has had her eyebrows shaped and she is only wanting the regrowth underneath removed.

If the REGULAR price of the eyebrow wax is $10-$15 (typically in nail salons). This is what is usually standard. Short and simple. However, even at fancier day spas, you may just receive a simple eyebrow wax , depending on who is providing the service.

EYEBROW DESIGN/SHAPING - Should include at the very least these services:

Consultation - Communication between the client and the esthetician of what the client desires and what the esthetician suggests. Ultimately, it is what the client wants (So if she insists on pencil thin eyebrows even though it makes her look like a cartoon character...gotta give her what she wants).

A hand held mirror would be very useful in explaining what exactly what the client wants or why the esthetician would recommend a specific shape. It should be communicated very clearly where she is going to be taking of hair and where she is going to leave it. The client should be given the mirror at the very beginning and at the very end of the service.

Sanitize -This should be done for both an eyebrow wax and eyebrow shaping, but sometimes this is even skipped.... The skin is cleansed usually with a type of astringent and cotton.

Eyebrow trimming- The eyebrow hair that is not waxed sometimes is neglected. This should be trimmed with eyebrow scissors and a spoolie (looks like a mascara wand). It the hair starts to get too long, even if the eyebrow is waxed, the eyebrow may start to look bushy. Asians, especially should have this done because typically, their eyebrow hairs grow downward vs out and flat.

WAXING - Each esthetician has her/his own style of waxing but if the eyebrow is being shaped vs just being waxed, the waxing should be done in sections vs "one big strip". If a client is using or has used Retin-A, Tetracycline, Accutane, the waxing service cannot be performed and the shaping needs to be done with tweezers.

Extra touches- Because eyebrow shaping typically is little more expensive, the service may come with an extra touch or touches. It may be an essential oil added on after the service and a short pressure point massage, a cool ointment added on, a steamed towel. Anything that is more than a "wax on, wax off , thank you, ma'am" service.

Consultation - at the end of the service, the mirror should be given again so that the esthetician can explain what was done and the client can actually see the before and after. If the eyebrow shape has changed (which that is what shaping is) this gives the client the opportunity to input of whether she is pleased with the new change. If she is not, this also gives the esthetician the opportunity to rectify the situation by altering the shape or offering a complimentary service IMMEDIATELY.

HOME-CARE- Have you ever went home with a new hair cut or hair style and tried to recreate what your hair stylist did and could not get the same look?

Well, the esthetician has now given you a new shape. This is when the esthetician shows you how to maintain the shape in between visits. If the eyebrow is too light or too thin, she can show how to fill them in using an eyebrow shadow brush (angled on one side, and firm bristles) and eyebrow shadow.

Eyebrow pencils give a more dramatic look. Eyebrow shadow gives a more subtle natural look and usually used to fill in the sparse areas of the brow. These utensils can accentuate a brow even more.

Typically, a shade lighter than your hair color will suffice. Brunettes and people with black hair should use a dark brown. Black can be too overpowering and obvious, making you look like Frida Kahlo.

Be careful if you have red/pink undertones in your skin. Sometimes the eyebrow pencils that are made for blondes and red-heads start to turn an orange-y color on the skin as the day wears on. Use a tester on the skin and leave it on. At the end of the day, if it hasn't started to change color, it probably is a safe bet.

If your eyebrow needs a little help in staying in place, an eyebrow shaping gel is recommended.

Hope this was helpful!!! : * )


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