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How to limit hair damage

Updated on March 22, 2012

I cannot stress how much damage you do to your hair by blow drying it, curling, straightening, coloring your hair really does to your strands. We all want to keep our hair as healthy as possible and nice and shiny, but the only way we can do that is by protecting it from heat damage. Yes, even the sun causes heat damage. Dry air, not eating well all contribute to damaged hair. So one way to help prevent and protect is to use a "heat protectant spray".

The one that I use all the time is the "thermal shine" by KQC.

It says:
for silky smooth shine and heat protection-use with a flat iron or hair dryer.
Lightweight, non-greasy, mirco-mist spray, eliminates frizz, softens & polishes hair without buildup.
Designed for all hair types.

I will say this is the BEST heat protection spray that I have ever used. And yes I have tried many brands, most feel like they add water to your hair, after spraying it on. This one feels like hairspray, does not wet my hair, or leave it oily. And believe me when I say I have oily hair.

I use it before blow drying my hair, and before I use any styling tool to my hair.

This product is 142 g, so 5 oz. It can be found online at:

(click link) ----> "Flat Iron Experts" <----(click link)

It is not an expensive product under $20 dollars.

You can read some more reviews from other customers on their experience with this product.


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