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How to lose stretch marks fast without surgery

Updated on August 5, 2016

Stretch marks often appear on the skin as a result of dramatic changes with weight. When we grow too quickly and the skin doesn't have time to catch up stretch marks or tiger stripes form. Some people embrace them but for others they can be a bane of contention that stops them from wearing the clothes they want and even getting the most out of their relationships.


Stretch marks can be removed by surgery but there are also several pain free methods available that will help you to fade them. Before you get to work on them, it is worth improving your mindset and tackling any issues you have with confidence. Changes in the body can often play havoc with your self-esteem and body image. If you are coming from a place of anger, frustration and self-loathing it will be much harder for you to appreciate your body even if you get rid of the stretch marks.

Self-love can be developed by the use of affirmations and lack of criticism. In her book, You Can Heal Your Life, Louise Hay says that when you stop criticising yourself and others amazing things will happen. Sometimes we use self-criticism to protect us from the wrath and judgement of other people, and while it can be a defence mechanism, in the long run it will only hurt us. After all, if you called your friend up every day and told her she was fat, her stretch marks were disgusting and she would really benefit from some plastic surgery, it wouldn't be long before she stopped taking your calls. Yet many of us think it is acceptable for us to be mean to ourselves.

This constant criticism not only hurts us emotionally and destroys our self-confidence but the constant repetition becomes a negative mantra and creates the belief that we are not good enough as we are. Make a decision today to be more loving towards yourself. Talk to yourself like you are your own best friend and be gentle. You are doing your best and with encouragement and consistency, you can be the best version of you.

Think of working on your self confidence as creating a healthy environment from which your new body can develop. Farmers don't plant seeds and vegetables on unkempt, neglected ground. In fact they usually spend months preparing the ground before they even think about planting anything. Take some time out every day to soothe your mind, write down all the things that are amazing about you, everything great that has happened to you today and if you catch yourself being unkind to yourself swap the nasty comment with something more productive. For example if you think, "that spot is vile", find something nice to say to counteract. So, say "that spot is vile but my eyes look amazing. They are so sparkly. I love my eyes." The more you practice being kind, the easier it will get.

Does cream really help remove stretch marks?

One of the best ways to prevent stretch marks is by keeping your skin hydrated. When skin is hydrated it is pretty much impossible for stretch marks to form. But even if you want to lose stretch marks, it is important to keep your skin hydrated. A good cream will do this on the outside.

There are a wide selection of creams on the market that claim to get rid of stretch marks but only a few actually work. Finding out which one will work best for you will take a little trial and error. Some people swear by bio oil while others prefer coconut oil. I personally like 100% shea butter and Palmers Cocoa Butter. Not all skin types are the same but generally creams that are rich in vitamin E and natural ingredients will be kindest to the skin. We are aiming to heal the skin and rejuvenate so the more natural the creams are, the better. If you chose to use coconut oil, ensure it is 100% organic and virgin as this is the best quality and will make the most difference.

Keeping the skin hydrated is incredibly important for stretch mark removal. Therefore it essential to apply your chosen moisturiser daily in order to lock in moisture. This will help the skin restore itself and stretch marks fade faster. Dehydrated skin will not heal.

Apply the cream as soon as you notice stretch marks forming. If you are pregnant, weight training or gaining weight for other reasons, make sure you apply your cream regularly as this is when you are most likely to develop stretch marks.


Different moisturisers

Type of moisturiser
Approx cost
Buy from
Cocoa butter
Amazon, supermarkets, pharmacy.
Shea Butter
Amazon, beauty shops
Bio oil
Amazon, pharmacies, beauty shops
Coconut oil
amazon,supermarkets, beauty shops

How to lose stretch marks

How to lose stretch marks fast without surgery: See results in just two weeks
How to lose stretch marks fast without surgery: See results in just two weeks

Read this free now on Amazon: Discover the secret of smooth skin that has used by celebrities for years, find out how to tighten your loose skin and post pregnancy body. The straight forward methods in this guide will help you to rejuvenate and revitalise and show those dastardly stretch marks who's boss.


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