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How to make Herbal Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Updated on February 29, 2012

You can refer this hubpage to know the following:

  1. Formulation considerations for making Herbal Anti Dandruff Shampoo.
  2. Steps to make Herbal Anti Dandruff Shampoo.
  3. A commercially viable Herbal Anti Dandruff Shampoo, and
  4. Labeling considerations for Shampoos.

Formulation considerations for making Herbal Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Dandruff is also called scruff in some parts of the world. It is caused due to chronic desquamation of the stratum corneum of the scalp. It occurs due to excessive proliferation of microorganisms on the scalp skin. Hence it is important to add an effective germicidal agent to antidandruff shampoo while making it.

In non herbal shampoos preferred germicidal ingredients used are Sulfur, Resorcinol, selenium disulphite, Zinc Pyrithione(2%), concentrated thymol, quaternary ammonium surfactants, etc., recently relatively insoluble zinc salts like derivatives of ZPTO have become popular. ZPTO stands for Zinc-Pyridine-thiol-1-Oxide.

In herbal preparations the chemical entities are replaced with herbal extracts of Neem, Tulsi and Methi. Aqueous extracts on Neem and Tulsi are known to be herbal antiseptics. Neem extract also stops scaling of the scalp and prevents hair loss. Methi extract on the other hand promotes hair growth on the scalp, it also reduces the intensity of hair fall. Fresh Methi extract is also used for dandruff treatment in rural India. In addition these adding lemon juice to herbal antidandruff shampoo helps maintain the acid-base balance of the shampoo. Lemon juice is a natural cleanser, astringent and mild antibacterial which also imparts luster to hair.

Besides this shampoo base contains water, sodium-laural-sulphate(SLS) as surfactant that helps form good lather, and tween 80( acts as a wetting agent). EDTA is added to chelate alkali metal ions and prevents them from settling on hair. Carboxy-Methyl-Cellulose is used as thickening agent in the shampoo formula.

Ingredients used in Herbal Antidandruff Shampoo
Quantity to be taken
Neem Extract
Methi Extract
Lime Extract
Carboxy Methyl Cellulose(cmc 2% gel)
Aqueous SLS Solution (0.5%w/v)
Tween 80
Perfume and color
In Sufficient Quantity
Saturated NaCl solution
In Sufficient Quantity
Herbal Anti dandruff Shampoo Formula

Steps to make Herbal Antidandruff Shampoo

  • Step 1: Take need extract, methi extract, lime extract, carboxy methyl cellulose(2% gel), SLS solution and make a solution in a non leaching clean glass or stainless steel container. Quantity of each ingredient is to be calculated according to the formula.
  • Step 2: Tween 80 and EDTA are mixed separately in little amount of water and added, then add the resultant solution to the solution obtained in step 1.
  • Step 3: Take small amount of the solution thus formed and add saturated Nacl dropwise, Nacl(sodium chloride or common salt) acts as viscosity modifier by common ion effect. Add this solution to the rest of the lot.
  • Step 4: Add color, perfume and pack the shampoo in a suitable container.

Label the container in accordance with the guidelines given in local Drug and cosmetic act, or as issued by local food and drug administration.

In general the following information should be on label or the product

  1. Name of the product
  2. Contents: Name and percentage of active ingredients i.e Neem, Methi and Lime extracts.
  3. Net Weight: As present in the final container.
  4. Manufacturing License Number as obtained by regulatory authority of your country.
  5. Manufacturing Batch Number: As applicable
  6. Manufacturing Date – Month and year of manufacturing.
  7. Expiry Date – Month and year of expected expiry.
  8. Maximum Retail Price- As applicable.
  9. Place Of Manufacturing- The plant where it is manufactured.


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    • Tintin25 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago


      Germicides and disinfectants are generally pure chemicals, let me know if you are looking for producing a specific one, may be i will be able to help.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Thank u for this info.pls can i get germicide formulation and production


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