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How to make your hair grow faster: A complete guide

Updated on April 18, 2015

Waiting for your hair can grow can seem like one of the most frustrating things around. I myself have been attempting to grow my hair for around four years, and in that time I believe I’ve managed around an inch in growth. So here I take a look at how you can make your hair grow faster and explain why it may have seemed like an impossible task up until now.


How fast does hair grow?

Amazingly hair grows around 1.25 centimeters (½ an inch) each month; this then equates to around 15 centimeters (6 inches) per year. So the question is why, if this rate is pretty steady, my hair has managed but an inch in four years. The answer to this question probably applies to a lot of women’s hair frustrations and what’s more is pretty simple, in that it boilers down to how often we have our hair cut. Because of the structure of a hair, split ends can send the split right up through the hair, rather than just making the ends look unsightly. This leads to breakages which then makes hair growth impossible.

Getting your hair cut every three months is therefore essential if you’re to see the 15 centimeters of growth each year.


How to make your hair grow faster

Whilst getting your hair cut regularly is the number one rule to helping your hair grow there are plenty of additional things that you can do to boost those 1.5 centimeters to over 2 centimeters each month.

1. Eat plenty of protein

They say that protein provides the building blocks of life, so it would only make sense that such protein would be essential for hair that grows quickly and healthily (protein is also great for adding a little shine to your now longer locks!)

2. Make sure you massage as you shampoo

Massaging your scalp before you shampoo helps to stimulate the circulation within your scalp as well as spread out the natural oils within your hair; you can also compliment this with brushing your hair every day for around 60 seconds.

3. Indulge in a little potato mask for your hair (yes, really!)

With all of the fancy hair masks in the local supermarket it may surprise you to know that the most effective may well be made up from the cloudy juice that can be squeezed from potatoes. All you’ll need is to juice two large potatoes and mix this up with two tablespoons of honey along with the yolk of a large egg. Massage this mask into your scalp and leave it on for around 30 minutes before washing the mixture off. Do this every week or so and you should soon notice a difference in both the speed of growth of your hair as well as the overall health.

4. Avoid conditioning your scalp

You’d probably think that massaging conditioner into your hair is a good thing, right? Well, wrong, actually. Doing this can effectively clog up your roots so only apply conditioner to the remainder of your hair, from around 1cm upwards (this should also help you notice a difference in the volume of your hair as conditioned roots can additionally weigh your hair down).

5. Care for your hair throughout the night

To care for your hair throughout the night you need to ensure that you’re not sleeping with your hair tied tight into a ponytail. A loose braid or ponytail is fine, however you should always opt for a scrunchy rather than a thin elastic hair bobble.

You should also try to sleep upon a silk pillow as this is fair friendly to your hair than harsh cotton or polyester pillows.

Lastly you can also try sleeping with castor oil applied to your hair; do this on a weekly basis along with your potato juice mask and you’ll have hair fit for a vida sassoon advert in no time at all (you can also use castor oil for boosting the growth and overall health of both your eyelashes as well as your eyebrows).


How to make hair grow faster: A visual guide

How to make thin hair thicker

Surprisingly one thing that can really impact upon how long your hair looks is how thick it is and beyond cutting your hair regularly there are plenty of others things that you can do to thicken in addition to following the tips above.

1. Consult with your hairdresser about the right cut

Your hairdresser will be able to provide professional advice about what type of style will both suit you, and produce a volumising effect.

2. Use the right shampoo and conditioner

The type of shampoo and conditioner that you use can drastically affect the volume of your hair. Recently sales have been particularly strong for new to market products such as Elvive Fibrology, which claims to physically thicken hair through an increase in the hairs’ breadth.

3. Focus on stress relief

Stress is the number one cause for hair loss and this needn’t apply merely in the most drastic of cases such as is seen in those that suffer from alopecia and can instead result in gradually lost hair that in time becomes thinner and thinner.

If stress is a major factor in your life try exercising more, considering meditation and cutting out any unnecessary stress).

4. Avoid using any form of heat

Heat from hairdryers, straighteners or curlers is the most damaging thing that you can apply to your hair and should be avoided at all costs. If you absolutely can’t avoid using heat then always remember to use heat protector.

5. Try to limit the stress you put your hair under through colouring and other treatments

Following heat, coloring your hair comes in as a close damaging second to your hair’s health. If you can go natural, do, however if you can’t just be sure to make a concerted effort of sticking with the potato juice masks and castor oil applications every week.

How to grow your hair fast: A visual guide for ladies with afro hair


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