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How to make your makeup and cosmetic products last longer

Updated on March 30, 2016

Even Bey was distraught to hear how much we spend on makeup...

The average women spends $15,000 on makeup alone in her lifetime- this does not include hair and body products- MAKEUP ONLY. Scared yet?? Already calculating how much you would be expecting to spend in a lifetime on your makeup while hastily (anxiously) assuring yourself you're not THAT women?? Well the truth is most of us are. That is super-scary. You're going to need some super-good news now. You're in luck. Today you're going to get some of the best life advice you will ever get (not sure if that's an oversell?? Hmm). Today we are going to look at how to get the most out of your makeup products by giving them the longest life possible. First up we have mascara which the average women spends $3,770 on in her lifetime...

1. Mascara

There is nothing more difficult in a woman's life than finding the right mascara...ok, maybe that's a reach- but it is super important! It is also extremely, and even excruciatingly painful when our mascara starts to dry up or go clumpy- especially if it's looong before we have managed to finish the tube! Eek! Never fear, a solution is here! Literally. That solution is saline solution. It is the perfect thing to wetten your dry mascara again or get out the clumps as not only does is do so perfectly, but it is also specifically designed to go in tour eyes anyway. Perfectly effective for bringing your mascara back to life, and also perfectly safe for your eyes. Just add a drop or two, (or maybe a few if it is very dried out) to your mascara tube then stick the wand back in and move it about the tube so you are effectively mixing it in well. Your mascara should now be as good as new!

Here's how to save a clumping polish
Here's how to save a clumping polish

2.Nail polish

This tip is very similar to the above. but with a different solution (again literally!). It is nearly impossible to use a bottle of nail polish until it is finished- and this is not because we don't want to get the use of the lovely shade we have paid good money for!- nope, it is because we get the dreaded lumpy, clump, runny curse; and normally when we're not even half way through *cry*. But no more! The solution to save the day is (insert drum roll)....nail polish remover. Sound odd? Sound like a bad idea even?? Nope, actually nail polish remover is the perfect preservative and restorative product for drying-up or clumping nail polish. A couple of tiny drops of that perfect potion is your polish and it will be your favourite go-to shade all over again!

3. Foundation

Now this makeup essential can really hurt the bank when it comes time to restock. True, it is a godsend to us women, covering our teeny imperfections and giving us a flawless finish we would like to think makes us look like an airbrushed model in a glossy mag (is my imagination to kind to myself...??). The good news is that you can soothe that dreaded feeling that starts to descend upon you when you realize your bottle is running out- and here it is! You can take that miracle foundation you have come to rely on for dear life and with a little moisturizer you can turn it into a tinted moisturizer- with pretty good coverage- or a concealer for the sensitive area around the eyes. Alternatively, you could use this new concoction for days when a lighter more subtle coverage will do, that way the replacement foundation you had to buy will last far longer before running out. A perfect plan!

4. False Lashes

This one may not apply to everyone, though most of us will pull out those lovely fluttery falsies now and again. It is the height of annoyance when they fall off or we loose one though. The best thing to do to get maximum millage (maaany uses) out of your lashes is to chuck the tiny bottle of borderline useless glue you got with them away, and invest in some good glue. Check review to find which ones you have available in your area/ on the internet and invest in it in a hurry. It is MUCH cheaper to buy and reuse lashes multiple times than it is to buy a new set every time you want to rock a pair. Good glue will cost a few dollars, but will probably last a couple of years. Trust me on this. I have been using the same pairs for longer than I can remember. Just make sure you use tweezers to remove the old glue as shown in the picture.

Well I hope hope this article on how to save money on your makeup and cosmetics by making them last longer has been a help to you. My aim is to keep more money in your wallet while helping you get the best out of what you already have and love. I will be publishing another article on makeup money saving later in the week. Can't wait till then? Go checkout my latest article on "makeup dupes" which are makeup products which are dead ringers- and sometimes outrageously fabulous copies of cult products. I will share the best dupes of everything from Urban Decay's 'Naked Pelatte' to the Nars 'Orgasm' blush. I literally just realized how risque makeup names are getting!

Bye for now

Little Miss Savvy xoxo

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